UntitledBarbosa Fair Trade is an organization founded in 2001 and recognized by the Dutch Association of World Shops, Weltladen-Dachverband (Germany) and the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) as an importer of Fair Trade products from South America

Barbosa Fair Trade imports various products made by small scale producers in Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, Guatemala, and Peru paying a fair price to the workers producing the goods.
Absolutely no child labour was used to produce the articles, and the production is pre-financed.

Barbosa Fair Trade supports local employment. The profit being made is spent on education and employment projects.

Barbosa Fair Trade aims to encourage the legitimate buying and selling of South American fair-trade products.
This is accomplished through a long-term and continuous commitment to its producers. The profits are used for the improvement of living and working conditions, health, welfare, and future perspectives of the producers. The producers receive fair and livable pay for the products, with which they can adequately provide for their living according to local standards.

Barbosa Fair Trade primarily works with small-scale producers, and aims to continually improve working and living standards.

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