LogoIDEASIDEAS (Initiatives for Alternative and Solidarity Economy) is a Fair Trade Organization whose mission is to transform the economic and social environment to build a fairer and sustainable society based on initiatives of Fair Trade, Solidarity Economy and Responsible Consumption. All actions of the organization are based on principles of equality, participation and solidarity. For over twenty years IDEAS is the first Spanish cooperative that develops Fair Trade with organizations in the South (Asia, Latin America and Africa) through cooperation programs, technical assistance, import, distribution and sale of handicrafts and food products. IDEAS recognizes Fair Trade as a powerful tool to eradicate the causes of poverty in the most disadvantaged communities, guaranteeing the rights, dignity and development of all those involved.

The organization develops numerous research, consulting, education and social mobilization programs to promote Responsible Consumption in the public and private sector. These actions include IDEAS as the Spanish coordinator of international campaigns like Fair Trade Towns.

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