Stichting Penduka, based in the Netherlands is the support organization of Penduka Trust, a social enterprise in Namibia, active from 1992 and officially registered as an NGO under a Trust in 1995 as well registered as a well-fare organization. In Oshiwambo, Penduka means : Wake up. We are helping vulnerable women in rural areas and in the slums of Namibia to help themselves, earning an income, which increases their independence and enables them to support their families. Through making and selling crafts the women can enhance their cultural background.


Penduka Foundation is located in Groningen, The Netherlands, has 7 board members and 12 volunteers. The objectives of the Penduka Foundation are:

1)Working close together with Penduka Trust, management and board of Trustees to be hands and feet and enable them to live out the Mission and Vision of the Trust.
2)Product development in cooperation with Penduka Trust Namibia production team and the local Penduka Think Tank. Being a bridge between the different cultures and the products related to the different lifestyles.
3)Selling products via Webshop and showroom, establishing new contacts and maintaining those.
4)Promotion incl products, tourism and fundraising for Penduka Trust
5)By visiting the project, organizing and conducting relevant workshops for all departments.

You can find more information about the project here: or on their Facebook profile: