WFTO-Europe staff currently include:


Francesca Giubilo, WFTO-Europe Coordinator

My name is Francesca Giubilo and from October 2013 I am the Coordinator of the Brussels office of this great Fair Trade network. In addition to my academic background in Political Science and International Relations, I had the opportunity to learn more about cooperation and development issues thanks to my professional experience in Europe and particularly in Africa. Starting from a volunteer experience in Kenya for a small NGO, I then followed my passion and curiosity for the region by working in Johannesburg and in a Northern rural area of Benin for one year. While the former was linked to the elaboration of a macroeconomic analysis of an emerging market, the latter was focused on design, elaboration and implementation of development projects in collaboration of local people, such as a group of women entrepreneurs.

Once back in Europe I mainly worked on humanitarian issues with Medecins Sans frontieres and Medecins du Monde. By doing that, I always wanted to tackle the roots of the unfairness and injustice I used to deal with on a daily basis. In this sense working at the European network on debt and development (Eurodad) was very inspiring to help me connect the dots and go in-depth in analysing where aid money goes and what a smart procurement is.

Fair Trade was then the logical consequence. I am flattered to join this huge network and I am excited to take part in this fight towards a fair and better world, where all people no matter where they are and who they are can live in dignity. I know that big changes cannot come overnight but I am convinced that little by little all together we can make it!



Mikkel Kofod Nørgård, Junior Project Officer

My name is Mikkel Kofod Nørgård, I am from Denmark and since September, 2018, I am WFTO-Europe’s Junior Project Officer. I am mainly responsible for managing the Trade Fair Live Fair project funded by the European Commission from September 2017-September 2020, as well as for developing and implementing our fund-raising strategy. Should you, as a member of our network, have any questions or requests concerning this project, do not hesitate to contact me. Similarly, I am always interested in hearing about your needs and difficulties as a Fair Trade organisation, since I firmly believe our fund-raising activities should focus on meeting the needs and building capacities for our members.

Concerning my background, I have a bachelor’s degree in Japan Studies, and a Master’s in International Studies from University of Aarhus in Denmark. Throughout my studies of international relations, Asia, and international political economy, I have focused particularly on inequality on both national and international level. It is clear to me that poverty and the stark gap in state of development between many countries are structural problems born from a highly flawed world economy and trade system. Therefore, I was extremely happy for the opportunity to intern here at WFTO-Europe in the Autumn of 2016, where I learned about an existing and feasible alternative model: Fair Trade. Particularly, I am very keen on Fair Trade’s commitment to constant improvement, empowerment of the marginalised, and striving for decent and transparent working conditions and fair payment for workers and producers. While Fair Trade is naturally most urgent for many communities in the global South, the strengths of this alternative model for world trade can and should benefit everyone across the world. This will be my approach to working here at WFTO-Europe.



Tess Hartmann, Communication & Outreach Assistant

Hi! My name is Tess Hartmann and I’m the new French/Dutch Communication and Outreach intern. I will be here until the end of July to inform you about our network, new members and events to come ; and to help this movement grow.

I’ve completed a Bachelor’s degree in international business in Aix-en-Provence (France), for which I’ve had the chance to spend an Erasmus + year in the south of Germany. During this time, I’ve had the occasion to add a social dimension to my cursus by studying topics related to sociology and cultural specificities. Volunteering at the local homeless shelter tackled my sensitivity for socioeconomic issues, and my will to work on the empowerment of ostracized communities. In this direction, I wrote my Bachelor’s thesis about the economic and outcomes of the recent immigration waves towards the European continent and the social insertion of these populations. This work helped me to have a better understanding of the positive and negative externalities of immigration on both the immigrants themselves and the countries in question.

By continuing my studies with a Masters in European and International studies, I got an insight on the institutional and political mechanisms driving the EU, and the decision-making processes leading affecting our daily life and consumption. As part of these studies, I was offered the possibility to study Political Sciences at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid. As part of a very engaged faculty, especially in the domains of social justice and climate crisis, I have participate to several debates and conferences around related topics, that made me want to be part of the action.

All of these experiences, gathered with my international and multicultural background lead me to want to be part of the Fair Trade movement. The values it upholds : social justice, equity, parity, among others ; the transversal issues it tackles : climate change, human rights and decency, innovation in our sometimes outdated business models, are the reasons why I am now here to help WFTO Europe fulfill its various and complex missions.

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Anna Weber, Project Management & Fundraising Assistant

Hello everyone, my name is Anna and I am the Project Management and Fundraising Intern from February to August 2020.

In my time here I will assist with the organisation and coordination of upcoming projects as well as with fundraising possibilities. Additionally Tess and I will both work be responsible for our Social Media Communication.

I am currently enrolled in my last year of the double degree program International Management & Business Administration which is a cooperation between a German and a Czech university. The year I spent at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague helped me a lot to enhance my intercultural competencies and acquire a broader knowledge of international business topics.

Next to my studies I also volunteered in the international student’s organization AIESEC, where I intensively dealt with the SDGs and the importance of intercultural exchange.

When I finished High School I took a gap year to broaden my horizon. During this time I volunteered in a Children’s home for vulnerable and abandoned kids in South Africa. This experience shaped my development a lot, as I did see how the world needs more equality and more chances for less privileged people but also how each of us can make a difference. I have been back to help the children’s home multiple times. In my free time I support their volunteer recruitment process remotely, to contribute to this NGO in the best way possible.

All these voluntary experiences only strengthened my aspiration to contribute towards a more sustainable and fair world where we respect each other and the environment around us.

Therefore, I feel very lucky to be a part of the WFTO-Europe team because it gives me the opportunity to work in a meaningful sector, to raise awareness of the Fair Trade principles and to show how the Fair Trade approach of putting planet and people first is a business model which can transform our world step by step.



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