The World Fair Trade Organization-Europe (WFTO-Europe) is the European branch of WFTO (global), the worldwide network of Fair Trade organisations present in more than 70 countries. WFTO represents the authentic voice of Fair Trade, having driven the movement for 20 years. WFTO gathers together both the pioneers and the innovators in Fair Trade and sets high standards of fair business practice for all. WFTO has more than 400 members all over the world, most of them based in the southern regions.

WFTO-Europe is formed by more than 100 members, among them Fair Trade enterprises, Fair Trade networks and Fair Trade support organisations. WFTO-Europe’s strategic aims are mainly to support the growth and consolidation of WFTO Global, to be the reference of Fair Trade in Europe, its representative organ and its voice, to protect the values of the Fair Trade and 100% commitment to it and, last but not least, to support Fair Trade policies.

On a global level, WFTO aims at enabling producers to improve their livelihoods and communities through Fair Trade. This mission is carried out by delivering market access for its worldwide membership through policy, advocacy, campaigning, marketing and monitoring. In addition to its Global Office, WFTO has four regional networks: WFTO-Africa (formerly COFTA), WFTO-Asia, WFTO-Latin AmericaWFTO Pacific and WFTO-Europe. North America and the Pacific Rim are only informally organized as a region.



Mission and Goals

As stated in its Constitution, WFTO-Europe has the following  mission and goals:


Strategic Aims

1. Support the growth and consolidation of WFTO Global.

2. Be the reference for Fair Trade in Europe, its representative organ and its voice.

3. Protect the noble values of Fair Trade and the 100% commitment to it.

4. Support Fair Trade policies. Support the legality of the office.


Our structure

WFTO-Europe governance system includes the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of its members, the Board of Directors, and the Office’s Coordinator and staff.

  1. The AGM has the highest political mandate and sets the strategic priorities of WFTO-Europe.
  2. The AGM also elects the Board of Directors (composed of 7 or 9 directors). Members of the Board can hold office for a three-year mandate, renewable only once if in consecutive terms.
  3. The Board of Directors of WFTO-Europe is in charge of the common objectives and responsibilities. It mainly facilitates the dialogue among WFTO members and takes relevant decisions to implement the AGM mandates, striving for consensus among its membership basis. A specific task of the Board of Directors is to reach out to countries without representatives, and members that have yet to join WFTO-Europe.
  4. The President of the Board is the external voice of WFTO-Europe.
  5. WFTO-Europe’s Office Coordinator and staff are responsible for the efficient daily management of the organization, the implementation of all AGM & Board decisions, and all other tasks necessary to accomplish WFTO-Europe’s goals (which are not already assigned to another body).

All members of WFTO-Europe must be members of WFTO (Global) whose headquarters are located in Europe. Resignation or termination of membership at WFTO global level is automatically considered as resignation from WFTO-Europe, and vice-versa.