Are you interested in Fair Trade and want a fruitful professional experience? Join us as a trainee or a volunteer! WFTO-Europe will help you improve your knowledge making sure you get the most out of it.

WFTO-Europe is offering two positions for students for a 6- month internship from early/mid-January to June 2019, you can find more information and the application instructions in the following links:

Please send to us your application before the 16th of November 2018.

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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Even a few hours per week (on a regular basis) can make a difference for Fair Trade!

If you are interested in volunteering (working on specific areas such as fundraising, projects or communication), send your CV and a 1-page Cover Letter in English to

Volunteers are welcome at any time !

If you think you have other useful skills for WFTO-Europe, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at administration[at]


Previous Interns’ Testimonials

Vanessa Comand

Intern in Brussels, March – August 2018

“Doing my internship for the end of my Master degree at WFTO-Europe was a great experience! I warmly suggest it to all students from any degree willing to discover the world of an international NGOs active in sustainable development.

It will be a unique chance to see how an organisation composed by members of different nationalities works and interacts with them. As Membership Assistant, I got to know many engaged organisations all over Europe and I acquired a deep understanding of the way the Fair Trade movement in Europe is shaped. I also learnt how to use communication channels such website and newsletter to speak out about fair trade and related topics.

In addition, working and living in a multicultural environment such Brussels enhanced my adaptability and improved my English. I had several opportunities to attend external events, especially in European Institutions (European Parliament, Committee of the Regions, EC Info Point), which was simply great (not all the organisations encourage interns to attend events on their behalf!).

The atmosphere in the office was always relaxed and pleasant, thanks to passionate colleagues keeping your motivation high. I really liked being free to independently organise my workload and I always felt supported whenever I had initiatives.

I will definitely miss working here and I’ll keep very good memories about this period!”

Veronika Miklíková

Intern in Brussels, February – July 2018

“This internship was an incredible experience and I feel so lucky that my first experience of working in a professional non-profit environment was done at WFTO-Europe. Having the chance to work half a year in a small team for an NGO means to do a bit of everything but also to have the responsibility to manage some pretty important and exacting tasks, where you have to be proactive, take an initiative, be determined to realize all your ideas and to follow through even when something doesn’t go as planned.

As a ‘Project management and fundraising intern’, I had the chance to work for example on campaigns for World Fair Trade Day, International Women’s Day, to prepare and publish the WFTO-Europe Annual Report 2017/18, to support and collaborate on project applications and concept notes. I helped with the organization of our Biennial conference and I was also creating content for our social media and campaigns.

I have met and worked with many amazing and inspiring people from (not only) the European Fair Trade movement and attended several really great events where all the topics I have had learned during my studies were discussed – but suddenly have become so much more interesting and important. And, of course, it was a great opportunity to apply my language skills and improve their level, be independent, get out of my comfort zone and get the most out of a francophone and multicultural city such as Brussels – with all the perks and cons it offers. Thanks to this internship I have realized how is Fair Trade important and how development is such a complex and interdisciplinary field and how there is still so much to learn.

To sum up, I would definitely recommend this internship to someone who is interested in Fair Trade and development – not only because of the knowledge I have learned or improved but also for the great people at the office.”

Bára Plecháčková

Intern in Brussels, July 2017 – January 2018

20171003_112714“Working at WFTO-Europe was my first professional experience abroad and it was a great start. I’ve had the chance to confront my previously gained experience with the professional and international environment at WFTO-Europe, which allowed me to see my skills and my future career in much clearer perspective.

I’ve met very interesting and inspiring people with different backgrounds and different experience, from whom I could have learnt every day. I broadened my horizons and deepened my knowledge not only about Fair Trade but also about many other issues connected.

As part of my job at WFTO-Europe I had the chance to learn more about fundraising and different funding opportunities, organize multiple events of different scale, or get in touch with people from organizations based all over Europe.

Overall it was truly valuable experience from a professional as well as personal perspective. I would definitely recommend it to anybody who’s looking for an experience in non-profit sector on international level.”

Eros Shreve

Intern in Brussels, July 2017 – January 2018

“Working for WFTO-Europe was a great experience learning what it’s like working in an international professional setting!

My communications skills greatly improved from working with people from all over Europe (and beyond) on a daily basis. Not only did this improve me professionally, but it was enjoyable and I made many new connections I hope to work with again someday.

In addition, because it’s a smaller organisation, there is plenty of opportunities to gain experience in multiple areas beyond just those of your internship. I was the Communications and Membership & Monitoring Intern, but I also helped with some of the fundraising and I helped translate a grant report- which not only was great to learn how to do, but also looks impressive on my CV!

The office environment is great as well, and the permeant staff are friendly and caring. They definitely work to help you get the most out of your experience with WFTO-Europe. Overall, it was definitely a great experience (and the location certainly helps!), I would recommend it to anyone looking to get into ethical commerce and European non-profit work.”

Maria Batista

Intern in Brussels, January 2017 – July 2017

DSC_0897“I had the pleasure of working for WFTO-Europe as an intern and I had a truly incredible experience in the past 6 months. Working for a small organization granted me the opportunity to contribute to the organization’s performance in many different areas where I could develop my professional skills to a further extent by exploring different fields or work within the organization.  

I acquired knowledge about the Fair Trade movement and I attended several EU events where I could gain insight on different topics related to International Development. What I liked the most about this internship was the fact that I had a coach who guided me through the different tasks but who would still ensure I carried out my job autonomously.

I would recommend this internship to anyone who is looking for a challenging job and willing to learn more about business ethics and worldwide issues!”

Stefano Carulli

Intern in Brussels, July 2016 – January 2017

DSC_0897“My experience as an intern at WFTO-Europe was truly rewarding.

Being part of a small team and working together on a day-to-day basis allowed me to explore a variety of different tasks: from managing a network of almost 90 European Fair Trade organizations to developing several communication strategies so as to raise awareness about the Fair Trade Principles.

However, what I liked the most was the approach of this office to its interns: I never felt disregarded by my team and my opinion was valued and always appreciated. The feedback received from my coordinator was extremely constructive and the synergy between the three of us gave me the chance to complete my tasks in autonomy and with enthusiasm.

If what you are looking for is a rewarding but the same time demanding experience in an international environment where you can develop both professionally as well as a person, then I would highly recommend an internship here at WFTO-Europe.

I am definitely going to miss working here!”


Read the testimonials of our previous interns here.

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