WFTO-Europe Board of Directors is currently composed of:

Juan José Martinez (Oxfam Intermón, Spain)

Charlotte Beacon (Traidcraft Exchange, UK)

Cassandre Maury (Les Jardins de Gaïa, France) – Co-opted in 2019

Jean-Christophe Galland (Malongo, France) – Co-opted in 2019

Manfred Winkler (Globo Fair Trade Partner, Germany)

Caterina Occhio (SeeMe, the Netherlands)


WFTO-Europe staff currently includes:

Mikkel Kofod Nørgård, WFTO-Europe Coordinator

My name is Mikkel Kofod Nørgård, I am from Denmark and since September, 2020 I am WFTO-Europe’s Coordinator. From September 2018, I was WFTO-Europe’s Junior Project Officer. I am coordinating the European branch and am responsible for developing and implementing our fundraising strategy. Should you, as a member of our network, have any questions or requests do not hesitate to contact me. Similarly, I am always interested in hearing about your needs and difficulties as a Fair Trade organisation, since I firmly believe our fund-raising activities should focus on meeting the needs and building capacities for our members.

Concerning my background, I have a bachelor’s degree in Japan Studies, and a Master’s in International Studies from University of Aarhus in Denmark. Throughout my studies of international relations, Asia, and international political economy, I have focused particularly on inequality on both national and international level. It is clear to me that poverty and the stark gap in state of development between many countries are structural problems born from a highly flawed world economy and trade system. Therefore, I was extremely happy for the opportunity to intern here at WFTO-Europe in the Autumn of 2016, where I learned about an existing and feasible alternative model: Fair Trade. Particularly, I am very keen on Fair Trade’s commitment to constant improvement, empowerment of the marginalised, and striving for decent and transparent working conditions and fair payment for workers and producers. While Fair Trade is naturally most urgent for many communities in the global South, the strengths of this alternative model for world trade can and should benefit everyone across the world. This will be my approach to working here at WFTO-Europe.


Fabian Richter, Project and Advocacy Officer

Hello everyone! My name is Fabian Richter and I am Project and Advocacy Officer at the WFTO-Europe.

In my role as project officer I will be managing grants, projects as well as activities related to broader office management. The advocacy part of my position is about monitoring, and identifying relevant EU policy files. This includes the engagement in policy matters, building and maintaining partnerships and being part of alliances that promote more sustainable consumption and production patterns, and trade justice on EU level. 

My academic background is in European Studies which I combined with issues around sustainable development. Personally, I have always been enthusiastic about a more sustainable lifestyle and its power to reduce pressure on the environment and people along the value chains. Be it textile, the electronics we use, the way we travel, or the daily grocery we do. 

These interests have led me to the NGO Misereor, to the German Agency for International Cooperation and Development (GIZ) and the Fair Trade Advocacy Office in Brussels. At the latter, I have been working on EU policies for nearly 4 years. This work has gained my expertise, my network, and also my interest in Fair Trade issues on a European level. I am excited to continue this path at the WFTO-Europe as Project and Advocacy Officer.



Sena Akbal, Communication and Advocacy Assistant

Hi everyone! My name is Sena and I am currently the Communication and Advocacy Assistant at WFTO-Europe. My role primarily involves supporting the development and implantation of WFTO’s communication and strategy. Originally from Turkey, I’m currently pursuing my studies in Business Administration at KU Leuven.

My passion for social justice and addressing issues of inequality stems from my personal experiences back home, which have inspired me to actively engage with causes and organizations dedicated to these goals.

My decision to study business administration was also motivated by the desire to bring about positive change. I firmly believe that transforming the business world and the economic system is essential since economic inequality is inherently linked to various other forms of inequality.

The objectives of Fair Trade, particularly in empowering marginalized communities, providing better working conditions and ensuring fair pay, are fundamental in tackling economic inequality and establishing a global trade system that benefits us all. That is why I am incredibly excited and grateful to be interning here at WFTO-Europe, as it allows me to contribute meaningfully to this movement.



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