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WFTO-Europe works and collaborates with the Fair Trade Advocacy Office (FTAO), which speaks out on behalf of the Fair Trade movement for Fair Trade and Trade Justice with the aim to improve the livelihoods of marginalised producers and workers in the South.

The FTAO is a joint initiative of Fairtrade International, the World Fair Trade Organization and the World Fair Trade Organization-Europe. It was born in 2004 when the Fair Trade networks set up an informal advocacy cooperation mechanism. In December 2010, the Fair Trade networks formalised their commitment and set up the FTAO as a legally-independent foundation “Fair Trade Advocacy Office” with a clear mandate to advocate for EU policies in support of Fair Trade and Trade Justice and to strengthen the FTAO and the Fair Trade networks and their members’ capacities to interact and have an on-going dialogue with the EU Institutions.

Have a look at some of the activities that have carried out in collaboration with the FTAO in the past few years:

Who’s Got The Power? New Study Confirms Imbalances In Agricultural Supply Chains



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