The WFTO Product Label is an organizational label that guarantees the organization’s Fair Trade practices. It is licensed by WFTO to its members (and possibly their direct buyers) by signing a labelling contract. The WFTO Product Label can be used by members on wholesale and retail packaging and for promotional purposes.

The WFTO Product Label may only be used by Fair Trade Organizations who have a labelling agreement with WFTO. A second product label version is being prepared for use by direct buyers of the FTO who have abided by the Code of Conduct (Ch. 11.2.6) in their dealings with the FTO and have a valid labelling agreement with WFTO.

Only trading, full members of WFTO who have undergone the Guarantee System monitoring schedule, have been approved according to the WFTO Standard, and have signed a labelling agreement with WFTO, can use the WFTO Product Label.

WFTO-Europe has compiled an analysis on the WFTO product label. Please find an English as well as French version of the analysis here. To learn more on the system and label, click here.

Find out what our members say about the WFTO Label and the Guarantee System:


Read the press release about People Tree and Pachacuti launching their WFTO Product Label.

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