This page collects our toolkits and other resources of utility for our members and similar social enterprises.

Circular Economy: Toolkit for Fair Trade Enterprises

On this page you can find our toolkit with recommendations for Fair Trade and Social Enterprises on how they can embark on the journey towards circular economy for their business, or go further if they have already set sail. It collects a range of recommendations for evaluating your business’ carbon footprint, some ready tools for improving its environmental impact and a long list of resources for rethinking business models and practices in order to become more sustainable. Also in Spanish versionaquí and French version, ici.


Public Procurement for Sustainable Enterprises

WFTO-Europe has created a toolkit to help social enterprises to apply for public tenders. Public procurement holds significant potential for contributing to the SDG’s through sourcing more from socially and environmentally sustainable enterprises.

Here you can find a variety of resources for Fair Trade and Social Enterprises to strengthen their capacities for applying for public tenders and otherwise engaging in public procurement. The European Commission has recognised public procurement as a significant vehicle for the Green Transition, and WFTO-Europe strongly agrees that governments and local authorities hold tremendous leverage to contribute directly to several the SDG’s through their public procurement. We have developed a toolkit to help making it easier for Fair Trade and Social Enterprises to engage in public procurement and applying for tenders. In addition, on this page you find experiences and statements from similar enterprises that have already applied for public tenders, as well as a collection of websites and publications for learning more.

A big thank you to Alice Sinigaglia from Fair Trade Advocacy Office (FTAO) for working on this great contribution to help making public procurement a key lever to promote a proliferation of social, including Fair Trade enterprises.



Fair Share training is an online platform for entrepreneurs, public bodies, students, teachers and citizens interested in Fair Trade, corporate social responsibility and sustainability. With Fair Share Training you can share useful information in a free, flexible, stimulating and interactive way.

The Fair Share platform was created by our Italian member Equo Garantito and other European partners and aims to provide the EU and national vocational training systems with a technological training course with two objectives:

  • to train Fair Trade operators to be able to work in a context suitable for various stakeholders
  • raise awareness of different subjects and targets on the Solidarity Economy at all levels, a place of potential innovation for an intelligent, inclusive and sustainable economy. The Fair Share platform was launched in 2015.