Jump on the train and join our journey through Europe’s Fair Trade news, members and more!

Hello, buenos días, hyvä päivä, bom dia and guten Tag!

How are WFTO-Europe members in other countries doing? What are the facets of Fair Trade in Germany, Finland, Belgium and co.? What’s new with the members in your home country?

Our new blog “The European Fair Train” will take you on a journey through these and other exciting topics. In each blog post we will introduce one of our member countries along the European continent. Make sure to jump on and enjoy the ride!

Click on the train in the country you want to read more about or choose from the list below.

Any exciting Fair Trade news from your country that you would like to share with us? Keep us posted on what you would like to include in our blog or read about: communication[at]wfto-europe.org