Our Guaranteed Members 


Au Delà des Frontières 

Au-delà des Frontières (ADDF) is a small Fair Trade organisation founded in 2003. They are fully focused on promoting a fairer world far from speculation, which guarantees a fair and transparent share of the commercial margin along the value chain.

Another target is to promote world cultures, tolerance and solidarity values.

Their ambition is to increase consumers’ awareness for and introduce them to the world of handicraft and skills, which operates beyond any social, ethical or religious frontiers.

ADDF is specialised in importing handicraft from Africa and Asia, it is trying to develop long term partnership with the producers and visits them as often as possible to control the quality of products and to guarantee that they are meeting the Fair Trade standards and ADDF requirements.


Bouga Cacao

Bouga CacaO is a family artisanal chocolate company based in the department of the Ariège, in the French Pyrenees. It was founded in 2006 by Ulrike Bongartz and Alex Gareiss, two former consultants in international development cooperation.

They produce a variety of organic chocolate products which are commercialised mainly locally via organic shops and supermarkets. They also directly cooperate with and support cocoa farmers and their organisations in Ecuador.

Indeed, Bouga CacaO partners  directly with various small-scale farmers’ organisations, local NGOs and community organisations there.

Their aims include promoting the transformation of cocoa into chocolate couverture and other products in the country of origin in order to contribute to local added value generation and thus to sustainable development. While the raw cocoa is transformed locally, the intermediary products are shipped to Europe.

The organisation also proposes a “project partnership programme” for other chocolatiers in Europe who are interested in their approach. This programme allows the latter to participate and access directly  the very distinct cocoa origins without passing through the big industrial circuits.

Other values they defend are the transparency of their trade practices, local cooperation and the valorisation of manual & non-industrial production (artisan chocolate).


Commerce Équitable France 

Commerce Equitable France is the leading French collective of organizations working to promote Fair Trade. The platform gathers more than 30 major national organisations involved in Fair Trade and responsible consumption, whose various networks in regions represent more than 600 structures in France.

In addition to organising the dialogue between actors and institutional representatives, Commerce Equitable France (CEF) has worked with the development sector, to promote fairer and more balanced north/south relations. Founded in 1997, the organisation has gained several years of expertise in the analysis of Fair Trade guarantee systems and is today a major actor in the sector and a trustworthy source of information regarding sustainable development, respect of small producers, and fight against social inequalities.

Commerce Equitable France also leads multiple actions in order to raise awareness among consumers as well as public authorities and supports fair trade in France and all over the world. To raise its voice and encourage the emergence of a strong Fair Trade movement, the CEF makes all necessary efforts to bolster laws and public policies and establish the recognition of Fair Trade.

By signing the CEF Charter, its members commit to act in compliance with fundamental rights in favour of more equity and respect for human beings and the environment in world trade relations.




Dardenne was created in 1897 in Luchon, in the heart of the French Pyrénées. Ludovic Dardenne thought that it was not fair for such a smooth and pleasant beverage as hot chocolate not to be available to everybody, due to side effects such as : digestive problems, headaches…, he developed a unique chocolate without any side effects but still with a wonderful taste. He filed a patent for this recipe in 1910.

Nowadays, they still manufacture and commercialize this unique chocolate. Thanks to this previous inherited experience and their know-how, Dardenne widened their range of products keeping the fundamental values of the creator: offering a great and delicate chocolate made from ground cocoa beans.

Their range of products is large: bars, spreads, cocoa powders, chocolate sticks, chocolates…  A whole universe of products to make small and big children dream!

They are committed to a sustainable, fair and responsible development, as they are involved in an organic and Fair Trade process since 2000.


Espéranza Café 


Esperanza Cafe is an enterprise founded in 2012 that produces hand-crafted organic coffee roaster for professionals and lovers of specialty coffee. They are based in St-Denis (France), and Barcelona (Spain). 

They directly purchase their coffee beans to small-scale farmers’ cooperatives. They go back to the origins of the coffee beans they import by visiting the coffee farms to build solid relationships with the producers and support their communities. 

They also give courses for people wanting to be able to value the physical quality of green coffee, or to design a roast profile. 


Fédérations Artisans du Monde 

Artisans du Monde is a French network of 140 associations, 6000 volunteers and 54 employees involved in international solidarity, working since 1974 for sustainable development, putting into practice the principles of Fair Trade.


Artisans du Monde claims a demanding fair trade through 3 means of action which are the cornerstones of the movement:

  • Sales of products coming from fair trade organizations, which allow producers, craftsmen, or peasants from southern countries to live with dignity, and become the actors of their own development. Artisans du Monde is developing its own commercial networks, independent of any supermarket corporation. Artisans du Monde work with more than 100 producers organizations in 45 countries.
  • Education and awareness rising for fair trade enable citizens to understand better world trade schemes and allows them to become active citizens in their consumption choices, and in the development of solidarity economy. The network of Artisans du Monde offers interventions in schools, training programs and pedagogic tools. Each year more than 1000 educative events take place.
  • Public awareness and citizen advocacy campaigns: Artisans du Monde invites consumers and citizens to pass the message from these campaigns towards the economic actors and authorities, so as to change the rules of international trade. Through its network Artisans du Monde can raise campaigns and gather thousands of endorsements to support petitions.

The federation is the representative of the movement Artisans du Monde in national and international organizations; it supports the movement for its development, its communication, the organization of events; maintains its information and training; supports its actions about public advocacy and education, offering many tools and a lot of documentation.



  “Karethic takes its source in the North of Benin – a region where the land is chemical-free. Filled with secular trees such as the Shea tree, this region is recognized as a Biosphere reserve by UNESCO. Shea is the main source of revenue and independence for women living in this region. Born in Benin, aware of the importance of preserving this natural heritage, my sister Glwadys and myself both wanted Karethic skin and hair care to express the unicity as well as the authenticity of this land and of these women: caretakers of an exceptional heritage. This is Karethic’s reason for being.

After my initiation to the secrets of producing the authentic, high-end, African Shea Butter by the women producers of the Atacora and Donga regions; I have met Caroline Rousseau in France who makes natural cosmetics formulations. Well versed in authentic and qualitative cosmetic ingredients, her expertise enabled us to share the nobility of the real shea butter made by african women through our unique skin and hair care products – exclusively formulated for Karethic.” – by Carole Tawema, founder of Karethic.


Les Jardins de Gaïa

For nearly 30 years, Les Jardins de Gaïa have been committed to ensuring that the origin, quality and production conditions of the teas they offer are irreproachable. From the leaf to the teapot, the attention paid to each step guarantees teas of remarkable quality, ethical and healthy.

Imagination, fantasy, rigor and experience: when they create their recipes, marriages of flavors and expressive and harmonious colors, Les Jardins de Gaïa combine the desire to surprise and the desire to highlight their know-how, recognized and acclaimed by their customers !

A forerunner on the French organic and fair-trade tea market, today one of the most important tea merchants in Europe, Les Jardins de Gaïa, with their 80 employees in Alsace, remains a family business that offers more than 650 teas and Organic, premium and fair trade herbal teas, but also more than 140 high-end and creative spices and spice blends, under the Terra Madre brand.

Committed since its creation, the family business is a model of sustainable development with due respect for the Earth and the people who work on it: in gardens and within businesses, its practices are certified by independent organizations.

In 2021, they launched the Les Jardins de Gaïa endowment fund and offered their first two Elephant friendly ™ certified teas.




Pioneer company of fair trade in France, Malongo was created in Nice in 1934 and became the specialist in high quality organic and fair trade coffees, obtained by respecting the product and the people who grow it.  Therefore, Malongo was one of the first company in France in appending the Max Havelaar logo on its “small producers’ coffee” in 1997. Specialized in coffee, the organisation is nowadays the first French fair trade company which has developed relationships with about 50 coffee producers’ cooperatives in 17 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. For their general manager, Jean Pierre Blanc: “Malongo became a WFTO member because Fair trade is part of the company’s DNA ; Fair Trade principles have to be followed at each step of the supply chain. Our commitment focus on the empowerment of small scale coffee producers’ cooperatives, long term partnerships, high quality coffees and education of the consumers.”



Les Mouettes Vertes 


Les Mouettes Vertes is an enterprise founded in 2005 that creates ecological and ethical textiles accessories. By combining entrepreneurship and the social and solidarity mindset, they are constantly seeking to reduce their environmental footprint and promote strong social dynamics in their workshops: their close-knit and creative team is more motivated than ever to promote their commitment to the textile world.

They are a company with a mission and they accomplish it with passion! From the classic tote bag to the most complex creations, including cosmetic kits, their workshop will be happy to introduce you to the infinite possibilities of organic cotton.

Over the years, they have developed a real relationship of trust with their partner workshop in India. They work hand in hand on every project. This precious history also allows them to guarantee perfect traceability of our production throughout the value chain! India’s know-how in manufacturing and printing is second to none.

Les Mouettes Vertes is also deeply rooted locally, through their Breton roots. They produce collections and professional clothing “Made in France” in three protected workshops located in the West of France.



Artisans du Monde see their suppliers as partners, paying them a fair price and developing long-lasting relationships. The privileged relationship they maintain with producers and artisans allows them to offer fair trade, transparent and quality products.


Behind the Artisans du Monde products is a movement which carries a demanding vision of fair trade. Symbol of this commitment, the international label World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) guarantees the control of working conditions, fair remuneration, the absence of child labor and the protection of the environment through agro-ecological and agroforestry certifications, and organic.


Artisans du Monde support more than 300,000 producers and their families in 45 developing countries by promoting direct relationships with their partners and respect for fundamental human rights.


Our Provisional Members 


Fair Moms 


Fair Moms is a member of the World Fair Trade Organization since July 2020. They have the label of French Government “Entreprise Solidaire d’Utilité Sociale”, which means that their focus is the social utility of the project.

Fair Moms supplies handmade and fair trade handicrafts for babies to the French & the European market. Cynthia Relange, founded Fair Moms in June 2019 to create opportunities for women artisans living in disadvantaged countries to earn worthy money and promote their self-determination within their home and family, through fair trade relations. She is herself a mother of 3 toddlers.

All of their handicraft are made by great Fair Moms working for social enterprises and WFTO guaranteed members: Flying wood mobiles from Colombia, soft toys from Kenya, baby blankets and rattles from Bengladesh, baskets from Ghana and Kenya. They supply only handmade and fair trade products for babies to the French & European market.


Sira Kura 

Founded in 2000, Sira Kura started working with producers based in Mali, and in the following years with people in Niger and Burkina Faso. In 2002, they became members of Commerce Équitable France. In 2014, they started a partnership with groups in Kenya, and in 2015 in India and Bangladesh. In 2016, they offered a new range of Fair Trade handmade products “made in China”. In 2020, they became members of WFTO.

They buy handicraft from small producer groups in Africa and Asia : Touareg silver jewelry from Niger, Miao silver jewelry from China, home decoration from Burkina Faso and Kenya, fashion accessories from India, trees from Senegal. They sell our products in our shop in Paris, and provide them to resellers in France and Europe.

Sira Kura aims to contribute to sustainable development in the countries with which they work, to promote the crafts of these countries as a cultural showcase and to raise awareness among the general public in France about the issues of Fair Trade.

Sira Kura works without intermediaries with artisans and visits them regularly to buy directly from them. It also allows them to stay as close as possible to the reality of their partners, to see progress and areas for improvement, to ensure themselves that the criteria of Fair Trade are respected.