The second Saturday of May is the day to celebrate World Fair Trade Day and highlight the importance of mission-led business models. This year the global situation is very different from anything we have experienced before.

The current crisis lets us face unknown problems in health, personal freedom and also in trade. While especially the textile industry is dealing with huge losses, cancelled orders and a lot of workers are being let down, Fair Trade enterprises stick to their producers and artisans through thick and thin, which is why we celebrate #FairTradeSolidarity this year. It is time to show that #PlanetFairTrade is especially about this solidarity during rough times. Fair Trade enterprises are a viable alternative to mainstream business models and unfair trading practices. Here is a quote from our global office:

Celebrate online!

Despite all the negative news, we want to share some positive events for #PlanetFairTrade with you, ways to participate yourself, new reading material for your cozy Saturday afternoon, and a story of hope.

Join the celebration

Together we are stronger and we have a bigger impact. We ask you to participate in our virtual #FairTradeSolidarity action by following these easy steps:

  1. Use the template in this link
  2. Insert a picture of yourself
  3. Share it on your social media and tag us!

Below you can see our office staff and what #PlanetFairTrade and #FairTradeSolidarity means for them:


Our Members Review 2020

This year’s publication is focused on the climate commitment of Fair Trade Enterprises! Released today for WFTD it contains 7 exciting stories about our members and a lot of information on the work of WFTO-Europe.

#PlanetFairTrade around the world

Check out this video to see how we are connected around the globe celebrating #FairTradeSolidarity and what #PlanetFairTrade means for all of the participants!

A big thanks for all these lovely photos, it is great to see how our network spreads across the whole world. We received contributions from multiple European countries for example from Germany, Poland & Spain, and also from Latin America! It shows that a #PlanetFairTrade is the vision of many people around the globe!

This video was a collaboration with the World Fair Trade Organization – Latin America. Thanks for your efforts and support Zulma!

Support our members

To help our members through these difficult times, WFTO created a webshop which makes it easy to shop products. You can either shop by categories or browse the different members.

There is also the possibility to support our members through crowdfunding.