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As a social enterprise, Secret Projects operates a framework which allows the organisation to generate positive change to their community in India, to achieve our vision of a world where all women have the confidence and resources to make choices, thrive and contribute to the strengthening of their communities, while maintaining healthy financial returns to our Members/Shareholders.

Behind Secret Projects there lies a passionate and driven story to economically empower women in India by selling goods, consultancy and bespoke travel, so they can support themselves, their families and make a valuable contribution to their communities.

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L’Association Romande des Magasins du Monde brings together 40 Magasins du Monde throughout Western Switzerland. Organized into local associations and managed and run by more than 900 volunteers, Magasins du Monde specializes in Fair Trade. By selling Fair Trade products, informing consumers and raising public awareness of the imbalances affecting North-South relations, ASRO and Magasins du Monde seek to promote a solidarity economy, respectful of the human being with a view to sustainable development.

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ECO TERRA imports, processes and distributes mainly organic products such as: Ancient Andean seeds, premium tree nuts, dry and freeze dry fruits, as well as food supplements to the industry, wholesale, private label and for our own brands.

ECO TERRA has built partnerships and joint ventures in the countries of origin of its products in order to guarantee sustainable quality and sourcing. They are a social responsible company and is the first member in Germany of the Union of Ethical Biotrade “Sourcing with Respect” committed to ensure sourcing practices that promote the conservation of biodiversity, respect tradition knowledge and assure the equitable sharing of benefits along the supply chain.

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Hamac del Sol was born from a passion for Latin America, its nature, its culture and the history of pre-Columbian civilizations. The mission of Hamac del Sol is to preserve the tradition and perpetuate the ancestral manufacturing techniques by weaving objects that are more than 1,000 years old: the hammocks. Their handcrafted hammocks are more than objects of relaxation and decoration, they are the expression and the textile and cultural heritage of the generations of craftsmen who have made the hammock weaving industry live and prosper.

Today, Hamac del Sol works with 2 South American suppliers and 1 Central American supplier. By introducing this unique technique, Hammock del Sol invites you to discover its heritage and its quality hammocks.

Their hammocks are known for their comfort, their luxurious appearance and their durability. They favor family businesses or artisanal cooperatives with an ethical and ecological approach, since they believe that the future of world trade depends on respecting know-how and valuing human work.

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MyuM The Veggy Toys is a French company based in Paris. The toys are handmade by a workshop of women who work from home in a village in the middle of the fields in South China close to the Tropic of Cancer, enabling them to work in the home town, combine family life and earn a living in good conditions. MyuM develops the work of women in a respectful way and participates in their emancipation. The Veggy Toys are organic, cruelty free and plastic free. They only use 100% organic yarn and stuffing. They are gender neutral, suitable for children and babies from birth, they comply with European Safety Standards for toys CE EN 71 (1,2 & 3) They are hard wearing and can be machine washed at 30c.

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La Compagnie Ethique was founded in 2007. They offer 100% Organic, Recylced and Fair Trade Certified Textiles for Companies. Since its creation, it has defended the agriculture of organic cotton and the agriculture of jute. Its main objective is to initiate partnerships for sustainable development by positioning Organic, Ecological and Fair Trade textiles.

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Palingen is an Italian social startup founded in 2019, in Naples, active in the ethical and sustainable fashion industry.

Specifically, Palingen is currently managing an ethical and sustainable fashion laboratory inside a female prison with the objective of empowering disadvantaged women by upskilling them in the art of Italian tailoring. In addition, being aware of the negative impact of the fashion industry on the environment, they are managing their fashion laboratory with an innovative and sustainable approach, by upcycling leftover fabrics.

In this respect, they regularly employ and remunerate 8 inmates of the Pozzuoli female correctional facility to provide them a second chance by facilitating their reintroduction in society and they mainly work leftover fabrics since they believe that upcycling is the most efficient form of sustainability. It is estimated that 10% is the recidivism rate for prisoners that participate in work programs. On the contrary, the rate rises up to 90% for the ones that did not follow any program. Also, it is estimated that less than 1% of all textiles worldwide are recycled into new textiles.

Their approach allows them to have a positive social impact within our community, helping disadvantaged women to enter the labor market, as well as to positively contribute to the protection of the environment, by reducing textile waste and pollution.

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According to the World Fair Trade Organization Europe (WFTO-Europe), the HREDD is an essential component of any business. This article discusses what it implies in practice and how the WFTO Guarantee System fits into present and prospective future frameworks for HREDD, which will hopefully become essential. If we want to assure a sustainable future for people, earth, and business, these business principles should become the standard. If you want to learn more, read our position.

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