Hamac del Sol was born from a passion for Latin America, its nature, its culture and the history of pre-Columbian civilizations. The mission of Hamac del Sol is to preserve the tradition and perpetuate the ancestral manufacturing techniques by weaving objects that are more than 1,000 years old: the hammocks. Their handcrafted hammocks are more than objects of relaxation and decoration, they are the expression and the textile and cultural heritage of the generations of craftsmen who have made the hammock weaving industry live and prosper.

Today, Hamac del Sol works with 2 South American suppliers and 1 Central American supplier. By introducing this unique technique, Hammock del Sol invites you to discover its heritage and its quality hammocks.

Their hammocks are known for their comfort, their luxurious appearance and their durability. They favor family businesses or artisanal cooperatives with an ethical and ecological approach, since they believe that the future of world trade depends on respecting know-how and valuing human work.

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