Applying to become a member of WFTO-Europe and WFTO is one and the same procedure. It is a dual membership application.

We welcome applications from established Fair Trade Organizations as well as other organizations that support Fair Trade. We also welcome individuals in their capacity as researchers, writers, consultants and specialists in their field who can contribute solid skills, knowledge and expertise to the other members of the network.

Current WFTO members are active in at least one of the following areas:

• Co-operating with marginalized producers and farmers, especially in the South, on the basis of justice and solidarity, aimed at improving living conditions in the South, mainly by means of promoting trade in products and services from, within and between countries in the South.

• Providing information when selling products, thus making people more aware of unfair trading structures.

• Campaigning for more just trading conditions.

• Reflecting in their own structures a commitment to justice, fair employment, public accountability, progressive working practices, equal gender balance and abolition of child labour. Commitment to Fair Trade is expressed in practising the 10 Principles of Fair Trade.

All applicants must already be registered (as a company) and active for at least 2 years.

We recommend that you only apply when you believe that your organization is ready to comply with the 10 Principles of Fair Trade and to provide the necessary documents to back your application.

If you wish to have an idea of the type of members we have, you can have a look at the list of our current members.

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