Zotter Schokolade

For Zotter, Austrias’ biggest organic and Fair Trade chocolate company, social and environmental protection is a priority at all stages: from the production to awareness-raising and customer communication. With Zotter’s experience centre including an organic farm, the enterprise triggers the visitor’s interest for organic products. Zotter acts for a more social and responsible model,  and for environmental protection, with every business decision. The complete production takes place in Austria, where it relies on 100 % organic and fair trade quality. Additionally, Zotter generates its own electricity with solar power, covers the additional need for power with green energy, owns a fleet of electric cars, uses bioplastics and tries to convey the importance of a social economic model through both the experience centre and the organic farm, where workers are able to demonstrate the viability and success of a social enterprise such as theirs.

Regionally and internationally, Zotter is leading the chocolate scene by being a role-model, as a social enterprise that is both very conscious of the environment and economically successful. The entire company is very transparent and visitors can experience how chocolate is made, how Zotter works and to imagine how ideal agriculture could be. According to an international chocolate test, Josef Zotter is one of the best chocolatiers in the world. His factory ranks as one of the most sustainable undertakings in Austria and his handmade chocolates are a cult article. No wonder that a visit to the factory is one of the most popular excursions in Styria/Austria! 180 dedicated employees are currently working at the chocolate factory. Taste one of their over 400 products in their chocolate assortment!

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EZA is Austria’s pioneer of Fair Trade. They have been practicing an alternative way of trading since 1975 based on transparency and solidarity, open-mindedness and fairness.

EZA’s mission

To empower the people behind EZA’s products through Fair Trade. In this way, they contribute to improving the living and working conditions of disadvantaged producers in the countries of the Global South.

To pursue a comprehensive approach to quality. The products reflect the expertise and creativity of EZA’s trading partners, as well as respect for human beings and for nature.

To discuss Fair Trade. Through information and public relations activities in Austria, EZA raises public awareness of international trade relations and unfair trading structures, and points out specific options to take action.

To promote fairness in trade. EZA focusses on cooperation and networking. Their activities in different networks are aimed at advancing Fair Trade and changing unfair structures in international trade.

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ARGE Weltläden

Founded in 1982, the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Weltläden (ARGE Weltläden) is the umbrella organisation of the Austrian “Weltläden” (worldshops). Weltläden are shops specialised in marketing Fair Trade products which follow the standards of the World Fair Trade Organization.

ARGE Weltläden aims to ensure exchanges between shops. Furthermore, the association provides in-service and further education services for Weltläden staff members. It represents its members publicly and informs the citizens about the work of the “Weltläden”, cooperations with producers and international trade issues. ARGE Weltläden supports its members with services ranging, among others, from sales advice to PR, marketing and corporate design services.

ARGE Weltläden complies with the Fair Trade standards and principles of the World Fair Trade Organization. It encourages environmental protection and social welfare. ARGE Weltläden aims to develop partnerships and works together with other (Fair Trade) organisations.

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