Fair Trade Danmark

Fair Trade Danmark (FTD) is an association of Fair-Trade Shops and trade organizations all selling approved Fair-Trade products. Furthermore, we assist members in developing their business into a full Fair-Trade Organization adhering to WFTO principles. For this purpose, the FTD deploys its own credible guarantee system. 

The association FTD was established in 1996 by a group of Fair Trade shops and trade organizations whose cooperation forms the backbone of the association as the activities of the members cover the whole chain of trade from producer to buyer.

The FTD is a democratic association built on voluntary work. The top leadership is the annual general meeting where a board of directors is elected.

The core mission of the FTD is to create and independent and trustworthy approval and monitoring procedure for importers and their producers, based on the WFTO’s 10 Principles of Fair Trade. Approval and evaluation of a FTD member is handled by a neutral, external control committee. The three external members are resource persons with great knowledge and experience about Fair Trade and developing countries, among other things.

Every other year, approved members must be evaluated, after what they gain the right to use Fait Trade Danmark’s logo which is a recognized and protected mark of guarantee.

The foundation of the members’ products is a unique combination of local craftsmanship and Scandinavian design. The FTD is happy to contribute with knowledge and logistics for Danish projects in cooperation with local partners in the developing countries. Danish participants in this cooperation must be prepared not only to teach, but also to learn and understand about local conditions and traditions themselves. In that meeting, mutual understanding, learning and inspiration come into existence. Disseminated correctly, this will end up in innovative, competitive Fair Trade products appealing to broader target groups than the usual ones.

In the public debate in Denmark, there is an important focus on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. By highlighting the similarities of these targets with Fair Trade principles, we aim at achieving a renaissance the Fair Trade idea in the consumers’ consciousness. Funds will be allocated for information, lectures, and other events where the UN world targets are linked with the WFTD’s ten principles.

Read more about Fair Trade Danmark in the English version of our home page: https://fairtradedanmark.dk/en/.

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Én Gry & Sif


“Én” in Danish means “one – and only one”. All Én Gry & Sif products are handmade, so there is only “one” of each, since there will always be small differences in each product. Én Gry & Sif is Danish design, but all handmade in Nepal by very skilled workers. All products are made of pure natural wool from New Zealand. It is mostly women Én Gry & Sif support by their work, since it is shown that the women are the best to make sure that the income goes to the families.

In 2009 Én Gry & Sif got their Fair Trade certification from The World Fair Trade Organization.

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egos Copenhagen

Egos-copenhagen makes felt slippers for the whole family. The slippers are manufactured in Nepal, are 100% handmade, and made from sheep’s wool. The raw wool is dyed with environmentally friendly colors. Then the wool is mapped, and the work on the shape of the shoe can begin. The carded wool is formed. Seawater masks into the wool, causing the small fibers in the wool to cling. The wet felt shoe is then dried under the sun. Then add another insole of felt so the shoe becomes extra comfortable.
The outer suede of suede is finally sewn.To make an egos slippers takes time and requires skills. One workers can produce 2 pairs of shoes a day.

egos shoes are designed in Denmark, and made in Nepal. egos slippers are inspired by classic Danish design traditions, with simplicity and functionality being the key words. They are individual, functional and comfortable.

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U-landsforeningen Svalerne

U-landsU-landsforeningen Svalerne Logoforeningen Svalerne in Aarhus was founded in 1973. The national association – The Swallows in Denmark – was founded in 1963. In the first twenty years of our existence, the national association sent volunteers to Bangladesh and India for helping poor people. Today we support grass root organizations in those countries.

Parallel to this, U-landsforeningen Svalerne in Aarhus has been involved with Fair Trade producers in developing countries. One of our founders was a volunteer in Bangladesh, where she started a handicraft project for women (later handed over to CORR-the Jute Works) – that’s how we got involved in Fair Trade. The Fair Trade Gruppen activity started as one of several workgroups under U-landsforeningen Svalerne in Aarhus. We started in the 70s by importing goods from CORR-The Jute Works in Bangladesh. The foundation is to practice “Fair Trade”. The main part of the import is still from Bangladesh but also from Chile and other countries.

The overshadowing objective is to help in fighting suffering and injustice in the world. We import and sell mainly handicrafts from developing countries. The imports are from producer groups that are active in fighting poverty, suppression and underdevelopment. The trade is on terms that secure the producers a fair pay for their labor. It is the goal to promote the alternative trade with goods from developing countries. Any surplus from this trade is used to promote this form of trading.

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Elvang Denmark

Elvang Denmark is a Danish design company that specializes in exclusive and sustainable textiles, mainly textiles made of Peruvian alpaca wool. Elvang offers throws, cushions, scarves and shawls of among others recycled alpaca. The range is sold to around 800 high-end stores worldwide. In corporation with its producer in Peru, Elvang offers marginalized alpaca shepherds a better access to the market, better prices as well as teaching in how to make a better business out of the alpacas. Elvang was established after a backpacking trip, when Tina and Lasse Elvang completely by chance became aware of the unique qualities of alpaca wool.

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