GLOBO Fair Trade Partner – 40 years of Fair Trade

Since 1973, GLOBO supports its trading partners, which are mostly small or family-run workshops, by buying their products on a fair trade basis. During this time we have been continuously introducing new products into Fair Trade, which ensure, on the one hand, stable sales for the workshops in the countries of origin and on the other hand fair prices for quality work for our customers.

In many cases, we support specific projects that are linked with the trade. For example, we have two partner workshops in Kathmandu which produce products of felted wool. After the devastating earthquake in 2015, we raised funds to help rebuild the destroyed houses of affected staff members from these workshops.

Besides our membership with WFTO, We are members of the Fair Trade Forum (Forum Fairer Handel, and our work meets “all criteria of the Convention of the Fair

Trade shops” (Weltladen Dachverband, We are also officially recognized as Fair Trade supplier by the Austrian Fair Trade organization ARGE ( At the international level GLOBO is increasingly asked by local Fair Trade organizations to provide advice for development projects and the enhancement of Fair Trade.


GLOBO attaches great importance to cooperation on an equal footing. By paying fair prices for their goods, building long-term trade relations and showing respect for self-determined ways of working, GLOBO empowers the producers to defend themselves against social and economic exploitation and to stand up for their democratic rights. From the manufacturer to the consumer, everyone benefits from the fact that the partner workshops are constantly improving their production processes to make them even more socially and environmentally sustainable.

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