On the occasion of the Belgian Fair Trade Week and with the support of the Belgian Development Agency, WFTO-Europe jointly with Fairtrade Belgium and in partnership with FTAO organized an evening debate on Fair Trade and fair prices on the 10th of October 2018.

What lies behind a Fair Price? 
First, Emmanuel Mossay, professor and regenerative economy expert presented an introduction of the New Economy model. Francesca Giubilo followed presenting the Fair payment policy of WFTO as well as what Fair Trade enterprises do to set a fair price.  Finally, an intervention from Fairtrade Belgium leaned more specifically on the cocoa case and the Fair Trade action in Western Africa.

Role-play session
This session involved directly the participants in the discussion. They were asked to join one of three groups, Consumer, Business or Authority and to come up with the challenges that their appointed actor faced shifting to Fair Trade practices. Next, participants were asked to change groups and come up with the solutions to overcome the previously defined challenges of another group. Participants were highly enthusiastic and came up with brilliant ideas!


The Belgian Fair Trade Week 2018 was a great opportunity to engage with university students. WFTO-Europe would love to use the feedback collected to organize another similar events targeting businesses in 2019, and authorities in 2020.