During the Belgian Fair Trade Week (Semaine du Commerce Équitable – SCE), that took place in October (from 02/10/2013 to 12/10/2013) in Brussels, the CTB (Trade for Development Centre) involved several actors to participate to the event.

WFTO-Europe was one of the participants to the event, with a project called Un monde équitable, une personne à la fois. The main goal of the project was to promote Fair Trade, that could be built step by step, one person at a time, raising awareness to the public dimension, but also giving an opportunity to people interested in Fair Trade.

The aim of our project was to raise awareness and inform people about Fair Trade, giving them the possibility to be involved and interact in important debates.

The main goal of this project was about education and public awareness, both Belgian and European, concerning the concept and theme of Fair Trade.

Our main objectives :

1)  To inform the public about Fair Trade and the European movement that is behind it;

2)  To give visibility to the positive impacts of Fair Trade on global development (broadcast testimonies, stories, other information);

3)  To give visibility to the public support from the European Commission (also useful to establish a link with another EC project around the elections for the European Parliament in 2014).