The 8th of March is an important day for WFTO-Europe, it is International Women’s Day! An international day on which we celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women. For us this is an important day since it is in line with one of our ten principles, principle number six: “Commitment to Non-Discrimination, Gender Equity and Women’s Economic Empowerment and Freedom of Association”.

This years’ International Women’s Day will be a key opportunity to focus on gender issues, a topic which WFTO will focus a lot of its campaigning on in the next three years.

For celebrating International Women’s Day we are asking men to name their women agents for change and why they consider them as such. We believe that by actively involving men in the celebration, we are advancing women empowerment with men’s support, and thereby achieving our objective of greater gender equality and equity.

Soon you can read stories of men talking about their women agents for change!

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