Artisans du Monde is a French network of 140 associations, 6000 volunteers and 54 employees involved in international solidarity, working since 1974 for sustainable development, putting into practice the principles of Fair Trade.

Artisans du Monde claims a demanding fair trade through 3 means of action which are the cornerstones of the movement:

  • Sales of products coming from fair trade organizations, which allow producers, craftsmen, or peasants from southern countries to live with dignity, and become the actors of their own development. Artisans du Monde is developing its own commercial networks, independent of any supermarket corporation. Artisans du Monde work with more than 100 producers organizations in 45 countries.
  • Education and awareness rising for fair trade enable citizens to understand better world trade schemes and allows them to become active citizens in their consumption choices, and in the development of solidarity economy. The network of Artisans du Monde offers interventions in schools, training programs and pedagogic tools. Each year more than 1000 educative events take place.
  • Public awareness and citizen advocacy campaigns: Artisans du Monde invites consumers and citizens to pass the message from these campaigns towards the economic actors and authorities, so as to change the rules of international trade. Through its network Artisans du Monde can raise campaigns and gather thousands of endorsements to support petitions.

The federation is the representative of the movement Artisans du Monde in national and international organizations; it supports the movement for its development, its communication, the organization of events; maintains its information and training; supports its actions about public advocacy and education, offering many tools and a lot of documentation.

Click here to go to Artisans du Monde’s website and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter!

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