Testimonials from some of our previous Volunteers & Exchange Students:


Christine Adelmann

Intern in Brussels, 2015

Christine“The internship at the WFTO-Europe offered just so many opportunities!

I achieved a deeper understanding about the Fair Trade Movement in general, the role of WFTO within it as well as the specific system which illustrates the heart of WFTO’s approach. The tasks that I had to conduct on a daily basis were divers and exciting, especially due to the close contact with the members, and within 6 month I could not count even one boring day.

Furthermore, thanks to the possibility to attend EU events of personal interest in addition to the inputs due to the cooperation with the FTAO, I was able to gain insights into the European Union, its structure and work.

I enjoyed learning so many new things and improving and consolidating the skills I arrived with.”


Cristina Fediuc

Intern in Brussels, 2015

100_2304“The traineeship within the WFTO-Europe was an amazing opportunity to learn more about the Fair Trade movement and to bring my contribution to its impact, but also to discover new areas and to gain new skills. Moreover, being in Brussels allowed me to constantly be updated with the topics on the European agenda.

I am convinced that it was the best choice I could have made for ending my studies and I feel privileged to have worked with such a motivated team for a good cause!”



Martina Spata

Intern in Brussels, 2014-2015


” The internship at WFTO-Europe allowed me to acquire an in-depth knowledge of the  Fair Trade movement and its peculiarities. It is an extremely valuable opportunity for enyone interested in working towards the Fair Trade objectives while getting practical insight into the daily work of an international NGO. I hope WFTO-Europe will grow and strenghten even more its network in the future.”




Natalia Grotová

Intern in Brussels, 2015



“The internship at WFTO-Europe was a great opportunity!  

It allowed me to get a better understanding of Fair Trade but also to develop skills in different areas while gaining autonomy. Doing an internship at WFTO-Europe is a good learning experience for everyone willing to get involved in a non-profit organization.  I am happy to have contributed to the movement and will definitely keep spreading the word on the importance of Fair Trade!”




   Hélène Feller100_2073

Intern in Brussels, 2014

“WFTO-Europe allows me to get more involved in this big Fair Trade movement and I’m really happy to be part of it. This internship gave me the opportunity to work in different areas with a lot of responsibilities which is really rewarding. I was able to manage varied tasks from project management to fundraising and to gain in autonomy. I recommend it to everyone willing to gain some experience in a non-profit organisation and who want to discover the Fair Trade movement more deeply”



Tommi Raivio2.jpg


Tommi Raivio

Intern/Volunteer in Brussels, 2013-2014

“Working at the WFTO-Europe has provided me with great insights into the the field of Fair Trade. This opportunity has given me the ability to understand better how Fair Trade works and the implicated actors. I am very happy to have contributed to the Fair Trade and hope to see the WFTO brand grow in the future” 





Constance BoulineConstance Bouline

Intern in Brussels, 2014

“Doing an internship at WFTO-Europe is a great experience for anyone willing to learn about Fair Trade and to be part of the big movement. This internship gave me the opportunity gain experience in a various range of activities from communication to project management. It was also interesting to learn about the functioning of a non-profit organisation especially since it is a growing sector. I am glad I got the chance to be part of the Fair Trade movement and I will definitely keep promoting it and acting accordingly. It is rewarding to be part of a such ethical movement. I would definitely recommend this internship to anyone interested in the topic.”



Francesca PortaFrancesca Porta

Intern in Brussels, 2014

“Working as an intern for WFTO-Europe gave me the opportunity to develop my communication and project management skills! For my side was really interesting  to understand and learn how a non-profit organisation works”!

Maddalena Abatematteo



Maddalena Abatematteo

Volunteer in Brussels, 2013

Interning at WFTO-Europe has been a great opportunity to me. As Communication assistant I have been given the chance to refine my communication and technical skills and to get a deep knowledge of Social Media strategies for non-profit Organisation. Moreover I had the chance to be in touch with wonderful people working together in a friendly environment, deeply committed to Fair Trade. I warmly suggest to anyone who believes that a fairer world is possible to offer its contribution to and intern for such as great NGO. 

Alessia Rossi

Alessia Rossi

Volunteer in Brussels, 2013

“Working as an intern for WFTO-Europe gave me the opportunity to develop my project management skills and to learn more about Fair Trade! As a first working experience, it was interesting to understand and learn how a non-profit organisation works and can change important aspects of people lives. I hope to continue giving my contribution to the Fair Trade World!”

Nerta KajaNerta Kaja

Volunteer in Brussels, 2013

“Working for WFTO-Europe has been a very productive experience for me, both, from a human point of view and professionally. I had the possibility to learn what Fair Trade is and how it really can change the lives of producers from the poorest countries and how important are the small gests we do every day by choosing fair trade products for these people.  Also I could see how a non-profit organization work from inside, understanding the structure, the decisions made and how they are implemented.” 

Anna BianchiAnna Bianchi
Volunteer in Brussels, 2013

My  time at WFTO-Europe has been amazing! First of all as communication assistant I had the opportunity to learn a lot about this filed,  that is so important and strategic for non- profit organization and I had the chance to work in a vibrant environment with people from all over Europe, that contributed to make my internship period  a wonderful experience! I have been committed to Fair Trade since a few years and these three months at WFTO-Europe helped me to go deeper in this field and to make me way more committed to it!

Julian  Julian Cordes
  Volunteer in Brussels, 2013

“My internship at WFTO-Europe in Brussels has been great. It gave me the opportunity to not only gain an insight into the daily work of an internationally structured non-profit-organisation but also to learn about the political capitol of Europe with all its facets. I was responsible for the communication at WFTO-Europe but being part of a small office team also means that I could easily make experience in other areas such as fundraising, monitoring, administration, etc. The internship certainly helped me in many ways to learn about the Fair Trade-movement, the political Brussels or the non-profit-sector and to improve my working skills. It was a pleasure for me working in such a friendly and helpful environment with such open-minded people who believe in a fairer world.”

Madalina SerbanMadalina Serban
Volunteer in Brussels, 2013

“My working within the small team of WFTO-Europe’s office in Brussels has been a very pleasant and fruitful experience. It allowed me to gain my first work experience within the EU area and non-profit sector within Europe. It has given me the chance to truly fructified my previously gained experience and develoep skills as communications and Project management professional within the corporate, for-profit sector. Due to the close and caring supervision of Ms. Natalia Leal, WFTO-Europe’s office coordinator, I have been able to get as in-depth knowledge as possible within a period of five months’ work, on the priorities, organizational srtucture and way of working of a non-profit international organization. I am very grateful to have had this chance! 


Isabel NilssonWFTO-Europe

Intern in Brussels, 2012

 Besides enjoying knowing that I was working towards a solution to poverty related injustices around the world, I appreciate that, if I do not understand something, the office helped me and understood that I am still in a learning process but they also hand me enough responsibility for me to take as much away from the internship as possible. They liked listening to my opinion and perspectives about situations since we are all working together toward the same goal. I truly enjoyed my internship as I took part of various conferences at the EU Parliament, Fair Trade Belgian Week with a FT Breakfast at the EU offices and a business trip to Netherlands for the Annual General Meeting. I would like to thank all the WFTO family for letting me part of you.


maria jose 264x413Maria José Arias
Political Science, Univ. Lumière Lyon 2
Volunteer iCordoba, 2012

“To complete my MA degree in political science, I came to Cordoba to do my training period at the European Office – WFTO. Through my education, my understanding of different countries, and the people I have met, I have built a strong interest in Fair Trade topics. I am very grateful to have worked at WFTO-Europe; during this period I had the opportunity to see the functions and the structure of the organization. I would like to continue my experience in Fair Trade and encourage people to have awareness about the significance of Fair Trade products. I would also like to thank Abel Peña who took the time to share his knowledge and appreciation of Fair Trade.”

ileana mendoza

Ileana Mendoza, California, U.S. Citizen, 21 years old
mona College, California, B.A. Latin American Studies
Exchange student iCordoba

“Working at WFTO Europe gave me the opportunity to learn almost everything I didn’t know about Fair Trade: what it is, how it’s done, and what its impact is in a community and in the world. Working alongside people that care about such a wonderful cause influenced me to keep supporting the cause upon my return to the U.S. It was also so rewarding to work with people who cared about a cause, who came from different backgrounds, and who worked effortlessly to run WFTO not only as a humanitarian cause, but also as a business. I am so grateful to have been able to spend my stay inCordoba interning at such a wonderful office and organization. Thank you!”    


Waka WainwrightWaka Wainwright, UK, 29 years old
University of Manchester, UK,
 M.A. in Coloniall and Post-colonial History

Summer intern iCordoba

“I have had a wonderful experience at WFTO Europe and been able to gain a deeper understanding of Fair Trade and Fair Trade organizations as well as learn about advocacy and campaigning. I have also had the opportunity to broaden my skills in many areas and learn more about Spanish culture. It has particularly been a pleasure to work with such committed and friendly people who really welcomed me and gave me so much support. I have met people from many different cultures and made life-long friends with people who share the same values. I am so glad I came, thank you for giving me such an incredible experience”

Lou Egret

Lou EgretFrance, 18 years old
Blaise Pascal University, Clermont-Ferrant,
 International Fair and ethical Trade and Equitable Commerce degree 

Summer intern in Cordoba

“WFTO gave me the opportunity to learn about Fair Trade and discover what a Fair Trade organization is like. I came to Spain with the hope of having professional working experience in an organization with proper ethic, and with the hope of improving my Spanish and discovering another culture. Now, my hopes are full filled. I am very grateful to have worked with the WFTO team. I am delighted with the internship.Thanks!”.

Melissa TemplemanMelissa Templeman, California, U.S. Citizen, 22 years old
University of California, Berkeley, B.A. in So
Exchange student in Cordoba

“I chose to work at WFTO-Europe because I wanted to learn more about Fair Trade both as a social movement and developing business model. I was able to work on a research project that enabled me to study the structure and growth of the WFTO as well as challenges it faces philosophically within the global financial market. I also had the privilege of working with exceptionally knowledgeable and friendly people which made the experience all the more enjoyable. The work has been fascinating and the experience has been inspiring!

Jake BrymnJake Brymmerer Martinez, California, U.S. Citizen, 20 years old
University of California, Berkeley, B.A. in History & Political Science
nge student in Cordoba

“When I was offered the chance to help the European Office of the WFTO, I looked at it as perhaps a good way for me to practice my Spanish and volunteer during some free time. While this was true, I learnt an array of vocabulary I would not have otherwise, it was also much more. I began to understand the important role that WFTO plays in bringing attention to the inequities between the North and South and how they actively attempt to address them through creating a market for goods whose price is fair to both consumer and producer alike. Not only did I benefit from helping out at the WFTO Europe office, but I like to think that, in at least a small way, I was able to promote this worthy organization and cause”.

Sara ZgolliSara Zgolli, México, 28 years old
University of Cordoba, Masters programme in Internation
al Trade
Intern at WFTO Europe

“Working as a volunteer at the European office of the WFTO is a wonderful experience and a good opportunity to collaborate in promoting the Fair Trade action all around the world. Many thanks to the WFTO-Europe team for being such a fantastic and open people, and giving me the opportunity to learn so many things. It has been really great working with you guys!”


Jillian SinghJillian Singh, Los Angeles, California, U.S. Citizen, 20 years old
 of California, Santa Cruz, Literature major
Exchange Student in Cordoba 

“I really enjoyed working at the WFTO Europe office.  While studying in Spain, I was so excited to devote some of my time to a worthy cause.  Fair Trade has long been a fascination of mine, and I was happy to work with the organization and help in any way that I could.  I learned more about the ways in which the organization functions and facilitates, while also improving my Spanish.  I hope to continue my efforts in volunteering for Fair Trade, as this experience has been a great one.  I also hope to spread the word of Fair Trade, as I think it is an extremely important movement. The staff’s commitment to their cause was incredibly infectious and inspiring. Thank you for the amazing opportunity!”


Mariko SanchezMariko Sanchez, Los Angeles, California, U.S. Citizen, 21 years old
University of California, Santa Barbara, B.A. Global 
Exchange Student in Cor

“Working with WFTO Europe really opened my eyes to the enormous effort it takes to create cohesion between peoples of different laguanges and backgrounds and has made me eager to support the cause. The services that WFTO Europe provides for the Fair Trade venders across the continent really show the care and dedication of its members and have left me with a great interest in the cause. The staff was fantastic and made my time spent here really memorable. Muchas Gracias!”

jessica haraga

Jessica Haraga, Los Angeles, U.S. Citizen, 20 years old
University of Califor
nia, Berkeley, B.A. Integrative Biology
Exchange Student in Cordoba

“It was a rewarding experience working at the WFTO-Europe office not only because I got to practice reading, writing and speaking Spanish, but I also got to learn more about the relevant topic of Fair Trade. I had a general idea of what Fair Trade was but after working here, I learned that it is not just a seal of certification but a functioning business. Translating and researching are essential components of an international organization like WFTO-Europe and I was happy to help. The staff was awesome and their dedication absolutely contagious. Thanks for the great opportunity..”

Samantha JustesenSamantha Justesen, San Luis Obispo, U.S. Citizen, 21 years old
University of California, Santa Barbara, B.A. G
lobal Studies
Exchange student in Cordoba

“As a Global Studies student I am very interested and supportive of Fair Trade. I was thrilled to learn that not only did I have the opportunity to study in Spain but that I also had the opportunity to volunteer at the local WFTO-Europe office. It was a very fulfilling experience to practice my Spanish skills while simultaneously helping such a worthy organization. My time spent volunteering for a non-profit organization gave me a sense of personal satisfaction and increased my knowledge of Fair Trade and NGOs in general. I am very grateful to have worked with such great and dedicated people who are creating such positive change in people’s lives!”

Lauren McGlincy, San Diego, U.S. Citizen, 20 years old
University of California, Santa Barbara, B.A. Global Studies
Exchange Student in Cordoba

“I had a great experience volunteering for WFTO-Europe. It was a great way to spend some of my free time in Cordoba, Spain, as well as improve my Spanish. Everyone in the office was so welcoming and so much fun to work with. WFTO is an amazing organization and something I really enjoyed learning more about as well as being a part of. Thank you guys for the great opportunity!”

Ani DarbynianAni Darbinyan, Los Angeles, California, Armenian Citizen, 20 years old
University of California Berkeley, B.A. Peace a
nd Conflict Studies
Exchange student in Cordoba

“As a Peace and Conflict Studies student at UC Berkeley, I study about current conflicts going on in our world and how organizations such the UN can extend a helping hand in an attempt to establish peace. Therefore, it was a great pleasure for me to find out that along with my studies at the University of Córdoba, I can also volunteer at the WFTO-Europe office. One of my driving philosophies is that even the little difference that we human beings make toward the betterment of our society and the world as a whole eventually accumulates into slow but gradual steps toward positive social change. And it is with this philosophy that I have expanded my knowledge about the inner workings of the WFTO-Europe and how students like me can aid this organization to prosper and continue accomplishing their goals”.

Sylvie Dao

Sylvie Dao, San Jose, U.S. Citizen, 21 years old
University of Los Angeles, Environmental Science B.S.
Urban Planning and Conservation Biology Minors
Exchange student in Cordoba

“After years of learning about social justice issues, it was an amazing opportunity to actually volunteer with WTFO Europe. Not only did I get to witness how the organization worked from the inside, but I was also improving my Spanish skills along the way. In addition, it was very refreshing to work for an organization that is making such a positive change in the world. Thank you for everything!”

Sarika SanyalSarika Sanyal, Santa Barbara, California, U.S. Citizen, 20 years old
University of California, Santa Barbara, B.A. P
Exchange Stud
ent in Cordoba

“Having worked with other non-profit organizations before, I knew that I would want to contribute my time in some form during my time abroad in Spain. WFTO-Europe fit perfectly with everything I pictured doing with my time abroad and has given me the opportunity to take my previously learned skills in volunteering for non-profits and apply these skills to a world wide and well known organization as well as educate myself on Fair Trade. While immersing myself into the Spanish culture for these four months, I am also able to experience a work environment with people that are truly dedicated to Fair Trade.”

Vicente Ruiz Aguarón

Vicente Ruiz Aguarón, Spain, 33 years old
University of IUSS, Pav
ia, Italy
Summer intern in Cor

“After studying a master degree in cooperation and development I came to WFTO-Europe to do my thesis; here I have the opportunity to see development from another perspective. I have six years working experience in different countries and NGO´s and I have learned a lot from working in “developing countries”; since I came to WFTO-Europe I can also see what can be done in Europe for a more equal world. The project I am involved in, “Local authorities for Fair Trade” financed by the European Union, gives me the chance to develop new strategies to introduce Fair Trade in the Agenda and in the public sector. I am very happy to have had the opportunity to be in “less developed countries” to learn from it and to see things from that side. Now being part of WFTO-Europe I can take the “chain” from the other side and see what is next to continuing the change.”

Anaé PinelAnaé Pinel, France, 21 years old
University of Toulouse, B. A. International Business and Languages
Summer inte
rn in Cordoba

“Since I’ve known about Fair Trade, I strongly believe in it. As part of my studies, I had to do  an internship, and the idea of doing my internship at WFTO Europe was obvious. It gave me the opportunity to learn more about Fair Trade and its mechanisms, and to further my reflection, while helping towards the current project, with a very dynamic and pleasant international team!”

Nele Buschan

Nele Buschan, Germany, 24 years old
University of Mün
ster, B. A. Geography and Sociology
Summer intern in Cordoba

Volunteering for WFTO Europe gives me the opportunity to understand how an organization focuses in the interests of fair trade organizations in Europe and transform them into a voice for advocating small producers in the South. It is a challenging work where I am learning a lot about the fair trade movement in Europe. It shows me the important role WFTO Europe plays in awareness raising”.

Emma CoufalEmma Coufal, Los Angeles, California, U.S. Citizen, 20 years old
University of California, San Diego, B.A. International Studies
Exchange Student in Cordoba

“I was so happy to be given the opportunity to volunteer with WFTO Europe. Volunteering after classes two days a week was a fun and easy way to do something productive and make a difference during my short time in Spain. I loved being able to use my knowledge of Spanish and English to translate documents for such a wonderful organization.”

Jacqueline Morales

Jacqueline Morales, Los Angeles, California, U.S. Citizen, 21 years old
University of California, Berkeley
 Political Economy Major
Exchange Student in Cordoba

“Interning at WFTO Europe has allowed me to learn about the true benefits of fair trade. Instilling the ideas of respectable living wages, safe working conditions, and long term trade relations only improve the advancement of social justice and moral obligation. Helping spread the virtues of Fair Trade has made my stay in Cordoba so much more worthwhile!”

elizabeth deanElizabeth Dean, California, U.S. Citizen, 21 years old
University of California, Berkeley
Development Studies and Music
Exchange student 
in Cordoba

“Working with the World Fair Trade Organization during my stay in Cordoba has been an exciting and unique opportunity to engage with issues of social justice and economic inequality using my English and Spanish language skills. I have been thrilled to work for a cause that I so strongly believe in and have learned a great deal about the inner workings of a respected and influential non-profit organization in the process.”

Becky Prock

Becky Prock, 21 Years Old
Placerville, CA, University of California Berkeley 2011
Political Scie
nce and Media Studies
Studying Abroad in Cordoba Spring 2010

“Working at the WFTO Europe offices has given me a taste of what I can do to help in my field of study. I have always known about Fair Trade products but working here has given me an opportunity to see the behind the scenes work that takes place to promote and aide Fair Trade across an entire continent. It is exciting to get to use my new language skills to help something I believe in and the coffee isn’t bad either!”

Zoe FishmanZoe Fishman, California, U.S. citizen, 20 years old
University of California, 
History, exchange student in Cordoba

“Volunteering at WFTO-Europe has been an exceptional opportunity to learn more about fair trade practices throughout the world. I have helped assemble a database of international media, translated documents to English, and assisted in the planning of World Fair Trade Day. Working at WFTO has also been a great way to get involved in the community, gain experience working in a non-profit environment, and practice my Spanish while studying abroad”.

Allyson Havener

Allyson Havener, California, U.S. citizen, 21 years old
University of California, Santa Cruz
Global Economics, Exchange Student in Madrid

“Engaging myself in WFTO-Europe increased my desire to work towards social and economic justice. I learned from an incredible staff while striving for Fair Trade and the exploited labour force in underdeveloped countries. The benefits of volunteering for WFTO-Europe are endless and rewarding. I furthered my knowledge while perusing my passion for improving social welfare”.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARachel Ely, Miami, U.S. citizen, 21 years old
University of California, Berkeley, English and America
n Literature
Exchange student
 in Cordoba

“I didn’t know much about Fair Trade before college. In college I became interested in its history, process and objectives as well as a frequent buyer of Fair Trade products, the coffee in particular! Coming to Spain and volunteering here I was given the opportunity to do more to support Fair Trade. I am going to miss very much the passion and energy of the people I have met at WFTO-Europe.”


Genevieve Fox, California, U.S. citizen, 21 years old
University of California, Berkeley, undergraduate Development Studies major
Exchange student in Cordoba

“Volunteering with WFTO-Europe has enabled me to involve myself with an organization that makes a positive difference in the lives of marginalized artisans, farmers and producers in developing countries. This internship has increased my awareness of how vital Fair Trade practices are in levelling the trade imbalances that exist in the current international market. This opportunity has been incredible, as it has given me the chance to support a tremendous cause that I am passionate about, and has furthered my knowledge of the marketplace and global development.”

Andrew FullerAndrew Fuller, Miami, U.S. citizen, 21 years old
Middlebury College, English and American Literature
Exchange student in C

“Interning at WFTO-Europe allows me to interact directly with third-world producers and reduce financial inequality between the northern and southern hemispheres. I interviewed the director of a Bangladesh Fair Trade cooperative that educates and employs mostly women as a means of empowering them with financial freedom. If international human rights, efforts to alleviate poverty through trade, and the empowerment of women are interests of yours, then an internship at WFTO-Europe is for you”.

Laura Daly

Laura Daly, Stockton, U.S. citizen, 20 years old
University of Be
rkeley, International Political Economy/Development Studies Major
Exchange student in Cordoba

“All my life I have felt strongly about the importance of social justice, and as I learn more about the developing world through my studies I have come to believe in the importance of Fair Trade as well. Volunteering with WFTO-Europe has been a great opportunity because it gives me the chance to work as an intermediary between my two favorite languages while working for a cause I believe in”.

Julie TaekoJulie Taeko Gramlich, San Francisco, California, U.S. citizen, 20 years old
University of California Berkeley, B.A. Political Economies and Industri
al Societies
Exchange student in Cordoba

 “I loved my entire study abroad experience, but to have the opportunity to volunteer at WFTO-Europe, added icing to my cake. Not only was I able to support the organization by purchasing chocolate from the store, but I was also given the chance to see how an organization like this, works so well from the inside. Gracias!”



Antonia Pecchia

Antonia Pecchia, Los Angeles, California, U.S. citizen, 20 years old
University of California Santa Cruz, B.A. Literature
Exchange Student in Cordoba

“If you want to help make a positive difference in the world by promoting fair trade, I would highly recommend volunteering for WFTO-Europe. I have edited English translations of documents during my time here, and for this you need only your native language skills and a desire to be part of an organization dedicated to its cause. Volunteering here makes me feel like I’m part of something that is going to make good things happen.”

Ben Seelig, Los Angeles, CA U.S. citizen, 20 years old
University of California Berkeley, B.A. History
Exchange student in Cordoba

“My volunteer work with WFTO Europe has given me the opportunity to support an essential facilitator of global justice and fair trade. The volunteering position has allowed me to become familiar with a top-notch organization while progressing a pressing and important cause.”

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