S.C. NetWorks Trading Srl

It started with friendships. Building relationships, some of which have now lasted over 20 years. Listening to one another.

It is hard for people to conceive of the possibility of people living in extreme poverty in Europe. Especially in a country that is now part of the European Union. However in Romania there are many families that live in one room, with earth floors. The closest fresh water supply can be a pump or tap over 500 meters away. In the winter the temperature can still drop to -25 degrees celcius and in the summer soar to +40 celcius.

DECE is the brand name and Registered Trademark of S.C. NetWorks Trading Srl and is part of an holistic community development model helping to empower the poor (90% of whom are Roma) in a small part of North West Romania.

The model (that we call E3 = Education x Empowerment x Employment) was designed in response to the needs of the people.

The first DECE product was a simple crochet hat. Crocheting needs little equipment and enabled our employees to work from home which meant that they could build their work schedule around caring for their family. In 2013 DECE began to produce simple leather products that created work opportunities for men in the community and has become a significant part of the DECE story.

DECE adds the essential last “E” of Employment, that people identified was so needed. A job. Because a job is so much more than simply work. Our vision is not for people to survive but to thrive. Where people find dignity and self esteem, confidence and security, where through their own work people are able to provide more than just food, but a home and future for their children.

We produce our own range and also custom branded products. You can find out more about our work and our product range at www.dececlothing.com or contact us for more information at dece@dececlothing.com.