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Esgii (pronounced as: ‘Eskie’), the Mongolian word for felt is now the brand name for trendy felt products from Mongolia.

Our comfy house slippers from beautiful Mongolian felt are produced in an environmentally friendly manner, in accordance with Fair Trade principles.
Esgii is specialized in slippers and house shoes for men, women and children!

All our slippers are felted from 100% pure shear wool.
This natural material allows your feet to breathe, so that our slippers are also suitable to wear in summer and you will no longer have to suffer from winter toes and cold feet during the cold season!

First the sheep are sheared in an animal friendly manner. Once the wool has been sheared, it is washed and combed. After that, two layers of wool are placed on top of each other at a right angle and moistened with hot, soapy water. By applying friction to the layers, the fibers will rotate and become intertwined. This by the way, is a lengthy process. Felt products are an ancient Mongolian product, which amongst other things, is used to isolate Gers, the traditional, round tents.

We buy our products from individual producers, small companies, private cooperation’s and women’s groups in Mongolia that all sell their goods. They dedicate themselves to promoting employment opportunities and the education of their employees. In turn, those employees receive a chance for a better future.

Every product has its own unique story to tell and contributes to a better world.

Go to Esgii’s website or check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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