UntitledTo inspire and to be inspired, this is key for success in the world of Fair Trade.

Barbosa Fair Trade started in 2001 with a primary focus on Brazil and gradually grew via local Fair Trade fairs to become a recognized Fair Distributor, active in the Dutch, Belgium, French and German fair trade markets.  At present Barbosa Fair Trade is well established and “Barbosa” runs her own independent fair trade center in Culemborg, the Netherlands, which is open during regular working hours. Barbosa has established partnerships in 5 different Latin American countries, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Chili. Recently, initiatives were started to establish new contacts in Columbia as well.

The initial focus on the producers has never vanished and personal contact with merely every producer is still regarded as a prerequisite to create a sustainable partnership. Some producers have even been invited to visit the Dutch Fair Trade shops in order to learn more about trends, quality requirements logistics and opportunities to develop new products.

Investing in the Latin American producers has been the bases for the tremendous growth over the last years. An average annual growth rate of 25% has been accomplished as a result of product diversification and further professionalization of the entire supply chain. Therefore, it is not surprising that Barbosa is a WFTO member, and since 2015 also a Guaranteed Member.

Barbosa Fair Trade Team

The core of the organization is build-up fully by volunteers and the fair trade center is run by 5 highly motivated people which are fully trained by Barbosa. The values within the entire supply chain are based on trust, respect, transparency and the will to develop, both business-wise and personally.

During the last visit in December 2015 paid to 14 Peruvian producers, all WFTO member, was a typical example of these values. One of the producers was not yet on the required level with regard to the quality of the products and with help of Barbosa he is now able to improve its production techniques and also the innovate in product design and manufacturing . During 2016 the producer will receive a full monthly salary. This payment is independent on the amount produced, so he can fully focus on this new challenge. The producer was inspired to develop himself further as a craftsman. On the other hand the fair trade shops, their customers, Barbosa co-workers and other volunteers were inspired, because fair trade can really make a difference in people’s lives.

Name: Barbosa Fair Trade
Head Office: Heerhugowaard, Netherlands
Year of foundation:  2001
Website:  http://www.barbosa.nl/


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