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facadeArtisans du Monde is a network of 150 Fairtrade shops in France which sell food and handicraft products.

This year, Artisans du Monde celebrates its 40 years’ anniversary. The organization defends a militant vision of Fairtrade interieur 4through the sale of Fairtrade products but also by educating young people to Fairtrade values and by leading advocacy actions to change the international trade rules.

The organization turnover was equal to €6,86 million (2013) and it employed 62 full-time equivalent employees. It works with various Fairtrade partners in the South: directly with 107 partners.

The main legitimacy of the organization comes from its very strong movement of volunteers, more than 6,000, all organized in a democratic way: they manage themselves the associative shops and participate to various actions and campaigns on fairtrade and economic justice issues.

Our position is to sell our products only in specialized and local shops and to not sell them in supermarkets.

? Educate young generation to Fairtrade

We organize awareness-raising actions in schools to involve and get engaged young generation in order to become better informed citizens about the working conditions and origin of the goods, the social and environmental impact of their consumption choice. We also intend to focus on the dysfunction of international trade, and to promote fairtrade principles as a way to build a fairer world.

? Our advocacy campaigns

We intend to mobilize citizens on different ethical issues and to join our mobilizations to make pressure on political decision makers. We defend positions regarding human rights, social, cultural and environmental issues. For example, as part of the larger ‘Vote4FT’ campaign, our main demands to the politicians was to support fairtrade of course, but also to put in place trade policies protective of human and workers’ rights.

? FAIRPRIDE : A carnival to promote Fairtrade

fair pride


Since 2010, Artisans du Monde organize each year in Paris, in collaboration with many Fairtrade organizations, a carnival with a streetDSC_0732

walking around with African and Latinos music bands as well as a food and handicraft market with organic, local and Fairtrade products. This event gathers a lot of people and promote Fairtrade values.

More info and the 2014 video: http://www.fairpride.fr/


More about Artisans du Monde


? Discover our online shop to buy 100% Fairtrade products

Since September 2010, any consumer can also buy Artisans du Monde products on our web platform which offer a range of 1000 references (food products and handicraft: jewelry, music instruments, toys, decoration and cosmetics).


? WFTO Guarantee System

Fausta Mwinami KibenaThe Federation Artisans du Monde is a full member of WFTO-Europe since 2007.

We have a self-assessment system for our members since 1999. Since 2013, we try to implement the new Fairtrade retailer standards so that our world shops network could be guaranteed under the WFTO system.

We also implement and monitor the WFTO guarantee system for the 100 Fairtrade suppliers we work with under our brand “Artisans du Monde” (handicraft, food and cosmetic products). To do so, we rely on multiple systems: certifying schemes recognized by WFTO and our own Internal Monitoring System we implement through the EFTA monitoring system.

Name: Artisans du Monde

Head Office: Montreuil, France

Date of foundation: 1974

Website: http://www.artisansdumonde.

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