Altraqualità is a cooperative established by professionals to whom the ethical approach to production and trade is the aim and basis of everyday work. We have been active in Fair Trade since 2002, developing and distributing ethical and ecological products, activating connections and processes for change.

We support artisans, farmers and manufacturers in developing countries who care about human rights and the environment. This is what true innovation means to us: creating projects and products which are closely linked to people, to the land, to relationships. The result of our approach are products with a history that tell many stories – the stories of the people who choose the products and of those who make them.

We create connections before we create objects we create products which convey relationships.

Our approach is based on strong connections among the people involved in our projects: producers, creative consultants, customers. We endorse projects marked by a clear ethical stance, and involving processes of active innovation, with much attention dedicated to relationships and to the requirements of our customers.

We are members of AGICES, the Italian Fair Trade Organization (whose monitoring system is controlled by ICEA), the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO), and the international certification body Fairtrade.

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