Altromercato is the main Italian fair trade organisation and one of the largest in the world. It is a consortium of 105 partners and 260 worldshops that manages relationships with 190 organisations of producers in over 40 countries. Altromercato works with thousands of artisans and farmers in both the South and North of the World, respecting international fair trade principles throughout the whole supply chain and protecting workers, consumers, and the environment. This is how it protects and shares a culture of responsible living.

Altromercato offers products that have a common feature: they are good for both their consumers and producers. Its range consists of food products (many of them organic and some fresh), a selection of typical Italian products (“Solidale Italiano Altromercato”), a natural cosmetics line (Natyr), handicraft articles for the home and for anniversaries, and clothing and accessories from an ethical fashion line (Auteurs du Monde and On Earth).

Altromercato’s main products are present in 1500 large retail stores and 2000 specialised organic stores, as well as in restaurants, school canteens, bars, herbal stores, and Solidarity Purchase Groups.

By choosing Altromercato, you support a virtuous cycle of 30 years, from the producer to the consumer, creating a healthy environment and sustainable lifestyle for all.

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