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Founded in 1982, the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Weltläden (ARGE Weltläden) is the umbrella organisation of the Austrian “Weltläden” (worldshops). Weltläden are shops specialised in marketing Fair Trade products which follow the standards of the World Fair Trade Organization.

ARGE Weltläden aims to ensure exchanges between shops. Furthermore, the association provides in-service and further education services for Weltläden staff members. It represents its members publicly and informs the public about the work of the “Weltläden”, cooperations with producers and international trade issues. ARGE Weltläden supports its members with services ranging, among others, from sales advice to PR, marketing and corporate design services.

ARGE Weltläden complies with the Fair Trade standards and principles of the World Fair Trade Organization. It encourages environmental protection and social welfare. ARGE Weltläden aims to develop partnerships and works together with other (Fair Trade) organisations.

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