Founded in 1974, the Association romande des Magasins du Monde (ASRO) is the umbrella structure of French-speaking Switzerland fair trade shops and is recognized as the pioneer of fair trade in the region.

The Magasins du Monde promote to consumers fairer trade between North and South and offer a large variety of fair trade products. Its mission encompasses both aspects of selling and informing about fair trade products and includes 39 stores in the French-speaking cantons of Switzerland. Nearly 900 volunteers manage the shops on a daily basis.
In partnership with certified Swiss and European importers, the Magasins du Monde shops sell foodstuffs, handicrafts, cosmetics and clothing which meet high economic, social and environmental standards.

It also educates consumers on issues related to global commerce through campaigns, publications like the quarterly journal ex aequo (www.mdm.ch/content/journal-ex-aequo), trainings and media relations. It promotes fair trade as a profitable alternative model for producers and consumers alike with particular emphasis of the integrated supply chain of fair trade.

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