Malongo blanc fond rouge okPioneer company of fair trade in France, Malongo was created in Nice in 1934 and became the specialist in high quality organic and fair trade coffees, obtained by respecting the product and the people who grow it.  Therefore, Malongo was one of the first company in France in appending the Max Havelaar logo on its “small producers’ coffee” in 1997. Specialized in coffee, the organisation is nowadays the first French fair trade company which has developed relationships with about 50 coffee producers’ cooperative in 17 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. For our general manager, Jean Pierre Blanc: “Malongo became a WFTO member because Fair trade is part of the company’s DNA ; Fair Trade principles have to be followed at each step of the supply chain. Our commitment focus on the empowerment of small scale coffee producers’ cooperatives, long term partnerships, high quality coffees and education of the consumers.

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