Alice’s mission is the construction of an inclusive society, which restores the centrality to the person and supports sustainable development through craftsmanship and ethical chains.

Since her birth in 1992, Alice has been fighting prejudice and rehabilitating through a fairly paid job. It is committed to protecting the most authentic traditions of “made in Italy” and encourages individuals and companies to develop sustainable lifestyles.The working members of the Alice cooperative, within the women’s sections (and not only) of the Lombard prisons, learn a trade, help to preserve and spread Italian know-how and, thanks to their work, they return to being active subjects of the local economy as well as provides for the Italian Constitution.

This is how we return to taking a positive role in society: becoming the protagonist of its growth and relaunch projects.With her daily commitment she has enabled more than 450 marginalized women to achieve economic independence, giving them a new chance for the future. With her activities Alice demonstrates how the restitution of dignity through work is not only an effective business model, but a useful and effective social investment for all.

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