Ctm Agrofair Italia imports and distributes fresh tropical fruits from fair trade producers mainly of Central and South America. Born in 2004 as a joint venture between two organizations leaders in the fair trade world such as Agrofair Europe BV (Netherlands) and Ctm Altromercato (Italy).

Thanks to the know- how of these two fair trade leaders, Ctm Agrofair has a unique value:  all the supply chain from the producers’ farm to the shelfs’ client is managed with fair trade as a commitment.

The main products imported and distributed are bananas, baby bananas – a smaller and sweeter variety of the banana also known as oritos – , pineapples Md2 Extra Sweet, mangoes – Hayden, Kent and Keit variety, fresh ginger,  oranges – Navel and Valencia, lemons, coconuts and fruit ingredients. All products from fair trade producers of Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Panama, Ghana, Ivory Coast and other Countries, certified organic or from integrated cultivations always in the respect of workers’ rights and of the environment.

Ctm Agrofair distributes fresh fair trade fruits all over Italy, with Altromercato brand or with private label, to the most important supermarkets chains, to wholesalers, retailers and Altromercato World Shops.

The new challenge of Ctm Agrofair is the sale of organic high quality and typical Italian fresh fruits and vegetables, the “Solidale Italiano” project in collaboration with Altromercato: fair trade principals such as fair price, legal labor, and social inclusion applied to Italian farmers. Tradition and new technologies together to provide the best organic quality. The products cover the range of typical and unique Italian fruits and vegetables: from the Sicilian “datterino” tomato and blood orange, to the Apulian turnip green and grapes, to the Sardinian artichoke.

Because a development model that focus on equity, sustainability and solidarity is the core values of all Ctm Agrofair products, both from the South and North of the World.

You can visit the page dedicated to Agrofair on Altromercato’s website here.