DARDENNE chocolate factory has been created in 1897 in Luchon, in the heart of the French Pyrénées, by Ludovic DARDENNE  pharmacist and chocolate maker.

Ludovic DARDENNE thought that it was not fair for such a smooth and pleasant beverage as hot chocolate not to be available to everybody, due to side effects such as : digestive problems, headaches…, he developed a unique chocolate without any side effects but still with a wonderful taste. He filed a patent for this recipe in 1910.

Nowadays, we still manufacture and commercialize this unique chocolate. Thanks to this previous inherited experience and our know-how, we widen our range of products keeping with the fundamental values  of the creator : offering a great and delicate chocolate made from ground cocoa beans.

Our range of products : bars, spreads, chocolate powders, chocolate sticks, chocolates…  A whole universe of products to make small and big child dream!

We are committed to a sustainable, fair and responsible development, as we are involved in an organic and fairtrade process since 2000.

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