Fairtrade Czech Republic and Slovakia is an NGO that was established in 2004.

We were founded as a platform of NGOs and businesses committed to Fair Trade in the Czech Republic with the aim to support their capacity building and act as an independent expert on the topic of Fair Trade. In 2013 two NGOs from Slovakia have joined in and we started working in this extended territory. The name was changed to Fairtrade Czech Republic and Slovakia.

An important step came in 2009 when we signed the Fairtrade Marketing Organisation Agreement with Fairtrade International. We now focus a lot more on development of the partnerships with new or existing business partners in Czech Republic and Slovakia and monitor the market with Fairtrade products.

In 2011 we launched a very successful campaign of Fair Trade Towns, in 2012 the Fair Trade Schools campaign followed. At this moment we also have several Fair Trade Faith Groups.

Go to Fairtrade Czech Republic and Slovakia’s website and YouTube channel and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter!

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