Green Land Co-Farming is a small cooperative created to support the sustainability and economic stability of its members and the local area. We are located in a small village called Sterna in the regional unity of Messinia, Greece. We produce extra virgin olive oil and Kalamata Olives following the traditional recipe to preserve the original taste. Our aim is to keep producing top quality, fair trade products accessible to everyone with respect for nature, each other and the whole network. Solidarity is one of our basic principles and our way of making things happen as it helped us to make it through.

Everything started back in 2013 when four siblings brought out the idea and today we are eight more active members and a few smaller-scale producers that we work with.  We apply fair trade principles and transparency through all of our supply chain and we work with our producers as a team discussing with them every step that we want to do. We imagine and organize our future with respect for our lives and with the goal for our group to become bigger and include more farmers and families that can improve through the whole process to gain social and economic benefits.

You can check out their products by visiting their website! And connect with them on Facebook and Twitter 🙂