In 2009, JTS was born with the passion to educate producers and consumers, through the fair purchasing and sale of delicious food products from the developing world.  We seek to provide sustainable incomes and wellbeing for small holder farmers, producers and their families.

We work with amazing food suppliers throughout Africa including; Eswatini, the creators of products such as Swazi Fire, Kumquat Marmalade and Guava Jam; Turqle, producers of authentic Africa sauces such as Zulu Fire and Safari BBQ sauce and; KASFA, the association that looks after smallholder rice farmers and brings us Kilombero Rice.  Both Eswatini and Turqle already have WFTO GS status with plans in place for JTS to work alongside KASFA towards WFTO membership starting late 2018.


This year marks our 10th year in partnership with KASFA.  We have seen KASFA grow from 2,500 members in 2008 to 7,000 in 2018.  With the help of KASFA we try and enable the farmers to send as many children as possible to secondary school, only 1 in 3 children in Malawi can afford to go to Secondary School.  We do this by challenging community groups such (but not limited to) as schools and churches to sell 90kg of Great Taste Award winning Kilombero Rice, as this is the amount of rice a farmer needs to sell to enable them to send their child to school for a year.

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