Lanka Lamai is an authorized wholesaler for Fair Trade shops in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and more counties in Europe.

We sell wooden toys, products from elephant dungpaper, recycle products and a lot more.

Our mission statement is the creation of a higher standard of living, an independent position in society, and broader possibilities for development for specific (disadvantaged) groups in Sri-Lanka, through the use of the following activities:

  • Importing products from disadvantaged suppliers in Sri Lanka and the distribution of these products through fair trade channels in the Netherlands and surrounding countries.
  • Making these various distribution channels as cost-effective as possible.
  • Developing new markets and audiences for the products in the Netherlands.
  • Supporting these products in improving the quality of the products as well as a more efficient method of production.
  • Informing suppliers of the environmental and safety aspects of their products and their methods of production.
  • Starting specific initiatives to raise funds for special projects benefiting the disadvantaged people in Sri Lanka.
  • Providing information on the social and economic situation of Sri Lanka to various Dutch institutions

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