Linteo was founded in 2018, in the city of Pakrac in Croatia. Linteo’s main activity is manufacturing of textile promotional products. In the city of Pakrac and its surroundings were many textile productions which fell through during the war. Many educated seamstresses lost their job. Due to all these reasons, Linteo was founded in this area.
The town of Pakrac is, along with Vukovar, one of the most destructed cities during the Croatian War of Independence. In the night of 1st on to the 2nd of March in 1991, by attacking the police station in Pakrac, the Croatian War of Independence in Croatia has started. Total direct war damage in Pakrac amounts to 263.325.000 euros. The biggest problem to the population is poverty, unemployment and remains of ruins. Due to the great devastation of war, Town of Pakrac is, according to legal regulations, still the area under the special state care.

Some of our products are T-Shirts, polo shirts, jackets, tracksuits, hoodies, tank tops, dresses, bags, backpacks, cosmetic bags, face masks, blankets, ponchos, work clothes, bean bags, blocks etc.
Linteo is a small sized company with the big potential for growth. At the moment, there are eight seamstresses and one person in management.

Linteo’s sister company Umbra design is a part of IGC Global Promotions, which is a global contract partner for international companies to buy promotional items and business gifts with a network of 52 partners covering 100 countries. IGC was founded in 1956 and they work with controlled factories, take care of social and environmental responsibility and regulate local law in every step.

Linteo is planning to join the group. Additionally, Linteo is in the process of certifying for FairTrade and for GOTS. The whole concept of Linteo’s business is focused on social and environmental responsibility.

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