Mifuko is a Finnish design company producing handicrafts such as baskets, jewellery and bags. In 2009 Mifuko was founded by Minna Impiö and Mari Martikainen, both graduates of the University of Industrial Arts and Design, Helsinki.

Mifuko stands with one foot on the streets of Helsinki, and the other firmly on the red soil of rural Kenya. Our products include colourful kiondo baskets, jewellery and accessories. We combine Finnish design with traditional Kenyan handicraft techniques. All our products are handmade in Kenya by rural women´s groups and in small workshops in the cities of Nairobi and Mombasa.

Mifuko is Swahili and means pocket. We make sure that everyone gets something in their pocket – our products bring joy and happiness to both their makers in Kenya and their users around the globe.

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