Fair Fashion made in Nepal

Reaching from the delta of the river Ganges to the roof of the world, the Himalaya mountains, Nepal is one of the economically poorest countries of the world, with a rate of illiteracy of 35 %. The disastrous earthquake of 2015 destroyed considerable parts of the infrastructure and meant a big drawback for Nepal’s economy. NEPALAYA was founded in 2009 with the idea of producing fashion made in Nepal complying to fair trade standards and to European quality standards at the same time.

The sewing manufacture NEPALAYA Craft is located near Nepal’s capital Kathmandu. 25 men and women work together in the manufacture: Buddhists, Muslims, Christians, and Hindus, among them members of the caste of the „untouchables “. These have to suffer from caste discrimination in a particularly fatal way.

Fair trade at NEPALAYA means …

  • Creating opportunities: employing minorities and underprivileged men and women, who face great difficulties to obtain a decent job in the regular Nepalese employment market.
  • No child labour.
  • Equal wage for equal work: independent of sex, gender, race or any other personal features.
  • Fair living wages: additional to a fair wage all employees receive a health and accident insurance.
  • Work with respect: some of the employees for the first time of their life enjoy the experience to be treated with the same respect as all others.
  • Fit for the future: The employees are offered advanced training and further education. They receive a benefit for their children, to guarantee they can visit a school with good education standards.
  • Fair & eco supply channels: our suppliers are partners in fair trade, and produce according to fair trade principles. An increasing share of our production is made with organic cotton cloth.

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