The label Nyuzi Blackwhite stands for multifunctional, upcycling products with a special story behind. “Nyuzi” means threads in Kisuaheli. Every product tells its own story and is therefore unique.

In a social project in Kenya, they turned old cement sacks into wonderful, ultralight, durable and multifunctional bags and accessoires. They would like to give waste a new face and to work against their usual shopping habitats.

The unique products are made under fair conditions by young people in Kenya. Their workshop enable young people self help trough a fair working place. The Workshop is based in a social project in Kenya which is located close to Nairobi. To the project belongs a children home with a primary and vocational school. The Nyuzi workshop is attached to the vocational school. It should create job opportunities for the eximinated students and motivate more young people to decide for a vocational training. Each of their products includes a special percentage which is supporting the whole project.

Every product is made by one of their tailors from the beginning up to the end, and sign his product with a “made by… ” label. Through a unique up cycling accessoire they want to connect different people and worlds.

You can find out more about them on their website and by following them on Instagram 🙂