Human beings form a unity with nature by living and working in it.
Ökotopia´s tea and coffee products combine highest quality and fair contact with their producers around the world. Current world market structures are to a disadvantage for the producers in the countries of the South. Ökotopia responds to this with its own commercial ethic, which emphasizes equal rights, transparency and fair prices. The small farmer cooperatives benefit from the fact that Ökotopia calculates fair prices, makes advance payments, commits to long-term trade relations and pays for fair trade, organic production and infrastructure measures.
Ökotopia follows the principle of continuous improvement to permanently ensure and improve the quality of its products. The goal is to provide the customer with sustainable, organically produced, fair-trade and sensorially high-value coffee and tea products.
Thus fair trade and organic products form a unit between producers and consumers to commit to a more sustainable world.