ResiRest is a social enterprise which connects international travelers to local families for cultural, local food experiences. The mission of ResiRest is to bring self reliance to the connected local families and great experiences for travelers through food experiences. Together with NGO’s and Travel Organizations, both sides as impact-partners, ResiRest empowers local communities by developing, connecting and organizing fair tourism possibilities on a global scale. The vision of ResiRest is making a change from ‘far-tourism’ into ‘fair-tourism’ and turning tourism in a force to do good. ResiRest uses food to connect people worldwide.


ResiRest was founded in 2016 and is registered in the Dutch Register Code Social Enterprises, which is the stringent equivalent of the B-Corp certification. Impact comes first in all our activities. That’s why ResiRest is proud of their recent membership of the World Fair Trade Organization.


Over 1800 families are located in 40+ countries. ResiRest is constantly opening new destinations based on our travel partners’ portfolio. In selected destinations ResiRest is extending its dining experiences with optional local, sustainable, community-based experiences, generating more income for the local families and communities..


Local families and communities are selected and guided by local coordinators to make sure they can blend in the concept easily. They do not have to make any investments to join and will get paid in advance for every food experience they host. Our aim is to create a stable number of guests per week for every ResiRest connected family. In this way, we can provide a steady, extra income for the family; and avoid commercialization which comes with disadvantages like over-tourism and decrease of authenticity.


You can visit ResiRest’s website on here.