Sackeus Ltd was founded in 1976 by the Swedish Church’s mission, and Diakonia. From the very beginning, the idea was that through trade with small producers strive to improve the living conditions of people in the Third World. 1976, the concept of fair trade was almost completely unknown in the Swedish market. Sackeus was one of the first operators to introduce the idea of fighting poverty through fair trade. Today, Sackeus is a well-established food wholesaler and sells fair trade products under various brands to supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, specialty stores and direct to consumers through the web shops and

Since 2001 the company is owned by the coffee roasting company Bergman & Bergstrand and the Mexican coffee growers cooperative UCIRI, who is our main supplier of green coffee. We are very proud of this unique arrangement in ownership where each individual owner’s expertise in their field helps make Sackeus be a successful fair trade company that can be a model for other companies who are serious about their mission of social and sustainable entrepreneurship.

The first products were sold in narrow channels, for example, from a table in a parish in a Swedish church. Today you´ll find Sackeus products in large retail stores, as well as in niche specialty shops and in restaurants and cafes. Swedish consumers are increasingly aware of the possibility of using their own consumption to combat poverty. It is a development that pleases us at Sackeus – all our work over the years is finally starting to bear fruit.

Meanwhile, there is a huge amount to do, and we will not sit back. The fight against poverty and for more responsible consumption, continues. We know that our role is important – but your effort as a responsible consumer is at least as important. Together we can change the world!

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