Tahoua Import is an enterprise founded in 1991 and based in the Netherlands. They work with producers from Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso and have cooperation relationships in order to import their products in Europe. The principles of fair trade is important for the collaboration of her producers.

The leatherworking cooperatives of the city of Tahoua were the first to launch the fair trade initiative for several producer groups. Tahoua Import has since become the specialist in these Sahel countries. Tahoua Import works with designers and thus adapts its collections to current trends for Europe.

Therefore, they work with producers to import jewelry, baskets, leather goods, bronze products. The collection is large and puts the skills of many producers on a higher level. The ecological-vegetal tanned leatherproducts are very famous, even due to the absence of chroom.

Tahoua Import has created different Brands; BBSahel: T(w)o be in the Sahel is one of them. Product development and perspectives for many producers. They use the slogan “The best of both worlds, the best for both worlds”.

Tahoua Import visit their producers personal and regular and has very often contact via all media. There is an intensive exchange with the producers and their organizations. Next to the producers puts Tahoua Import effort as well in the organizations to support them.

If you want to know more about Tahoua import, you can visit their website on here, and their webshop on there 🙂