“Teranga” is the logo_teranga_2Senegalese local word for “welcome” and stands for the great hospitality of the Senegalese people. “Welcome” is also an invitation to get to know the products of Teranga.

Teranga is an import-wholesale organization, founded in 1996 by Monique Margry en Laye Khouma, whose aim is to promote export and sale of handmade products from small disadvantaged producers in Senegal, Morocco, Philippines and Vietnam.

Teranga imports both authentic products as well as products from our own design. Theses are original products that give a personal style to people or interiors. The range is notable for both the use of natural materials and natural colors but also the use of vibrant colors. All the products meet the criteria of fair trade.


Teranga is situated in Culemborg in  fair trade centre Fair Plaza, together with 15 other certified fair trade suppliers.

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