7GNg-fKF_400x400Commerce Équitable France (CEF) (previously called PFCE – The French Fair Trade Platform) is the leading French collective of organizations working to promote fair trade. The Platform gathers more than 30 major national organisations involved in fair trade and responsible consumption, whose various networks in regions represent more than 600 structures in France.

In addition to organising the dialogue between actors and institutional representation, Commerce Equitable France (CEF) has worked with the development sector, to promote fairer and more balanced north/south relations. Founded in 1997, the organisation has gained several years expertise in the analysis of fair trade guarantee system and is today a major actor in the sector and a trustworthy source of information regarding sustainable development, respect of small producers, and fight against social inequality.

Commerce Equitable France also leads multiple actions in order to raise awareness among consumers as well as public authorities and support fair trade in France and all over the world. To raise its voice and encourage the emergence of a strong fair trade movement, the CEF makes all necessary efforts to bolster laws and public policies and establish the recognition of fair trade.

By signing the CEF Charter, its members commit to act in compliance with fundamental rights in favour of more equity and respect for human beings and environment in world trade relations.

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